Monday, October 1, 2012

New mirror in our foyer area

Remember my post a few months back about our entryway / foyer area? It was a work in progress then, and what I really wanted was to get a full length mirror to make the space look bigger and less bare. Well, I've finally bought my mirror and here's what it looks like mounted on the wall:

It took me a while to find a frame I really liked since most of the mirrors that I saw were in a dark wood finish. So when I saw this gold frame with a kind of vintage feel, it was love at first sight! And of course it was on sale too, so double yey! =)

Anyway, here's a BEFORE shot of the entryway without the mirror. See how bare and lonely the space looks?

And here's the AFTER shot. Look what a difference it makes. I love how it totally opens up the space with the reflection of the living room (and notice how I'd already changed the curtains from my post here? looks so much better now).

The best part about putting the mirror here? I can totally check myself and how my outfit looks before heading out the door! ;p


  1. Hi! :) May I know where you got the mirror and how much?


    1. Hi! I got it in SM MOA. It was 8k, but I got it during sale so it was about 6k na lang. =)



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