Friday, October 12, 2012

Wee Nam Kee

My favorite dish ever when I'm in Singapore is Hainanese chicken rice. I love it so much I can actually (and I did) eat it everyday! So whenever I get a craving for it here in Manila, Wee Nam Kee is definitely the place to go! Not only is it super affordable, but the taste is really authentic too.

Me and hubby were in Alabang Town Center getting ready to do our grocery shopping when we passed by the restaurant. It was 5 in the afternoon (which explains why the place was empty! ;p) but once we got a whiff of that chicken, we just had to dive in!

We each got a personal set of the chicken rice, one steamed (mine) and one roasted (hubby's), which also comes with chicken soup.

Steamed Chicken Rice set - P168
Roasted Chicken Rice set - P168
how I wish I could eat Hainanese chicken rice everyday!

Yuuuummmmmy!!! Best merienda ever! And yes, we did finish everything, down to the last bite. =)

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