Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ate All I Can at Yakimix

We had dinner at Yakimix MOA yesterday coz my brother in law wanted to eat in a buffet. There were soooooo many people waiting in line (actually there were so many people in the mall period) that it took us about 2 hours before we were finally able to get a table! Well, we kinda anticipated it, so good thing we already had ourselves listed when we arrived in the afternoon then went around the mall while waiting. We were finally able to enter at 7:30pm and made the most out of the food! Yummmmmy!

Anyway, can't wait for the new year later! Stay safe everyone and cheers to 2012! =)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Closet Queen

Miley just discovered a new game - hiding in her closet. First, she'll take out all the bags that are stored inside, then ask me to "close door". She'll even drag me to go inside with her and then we'll just sit in the dark and wait for someone to find us. Once, I also took Sabe and all 3 of us were squished inside (he didn't like our game ;p). Now, she loves getting her pillow and placing it inside and she'll just lie down there sucking her thumb or drinking her milk. Cuteness!!! =)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our "useful" car seat

We just came from an out of town overnight trip to Bataan. I have loads of pictures from the place, which was gorgeous! But before I share them, I want to show how useful the car seat was during this trip. You see, both Miley and Sabe hate sitting in it. They probably used it for only 2-3 months with minor complaint, then once they got older, they'd just cry and cry the minute we strap them in. Some say you should just let them cry it out, masasanay lang sila eventually. But we always end up carrying them or letting them sit on our laps since we can't stand seeing them look so miserable.

Anyway, we brought the car seat this time since we knew it was going to be a pretty long road trip. We figured once Sabre fell asleep, we could just transfer him there. But what surprised all of us was when Miley was the one who WILLINGLY wanted to sit down there! I guess now she thought it would be fun sitting on it haha. I think she's also starting to get the case of sibling jealousy? It's like sometimes she wants whatever Sabre's doing or holding. Here she is, looking much too big for the car seat (that now belongs to Sabe), and holding her new toy (which we brought for Sabe to play with). ;p

On the way back home, Miley also sat in the car seat and fell asleep for more than a hour. I swear, this is the most action our car seat has gotten!

Anyway, I remembered this photo I took a couple of months ago showing how Sabe gets when we try to put him in the car seat. Wild!

I'll be posting the pics from our trip soon. I just need to get some rest first. Good night! =)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sabe's 1st Christmas (and Miley's 2nd!)

I now enjoy Christmas so much more since I get to experience it with my kids. Plus, it's the first for Sabe (although he doesn't really know what's happening yet haha)! What's nice this year is that Miley is now more aware of what's going on - she knows Santa, she wants to open gifts, and she loves to sing Jingle Bells!

Like last year, we went to the Christmas Eve mass then had Noche Buena at our house. We usually wait until 12 midnight to open gifts but the kids (especially Miley) were getting sleepy already. So, we went ahead and celebrated a little earlier. =)

Miley already itching to open her gifts!

Sabe joining in the fun

Hurry! Open! Open!
Soooo many gifts, so little time! I'm getting a headache already mommy...
Merry Christmas Sabe!

The next morning, Miley wakes up super early banging on our door wanting to "open gifts! open gifts!" Of course, she wakes up Sabe too. So, despite being dizzy with sleepiness, I dragged myself out of bed to oblige the little princess. But it was worth it, seeing her playing with her new toys. =)

Miley attacking the gift!
Sabe's more interested in the Christmas tree than his gifts
You should have seen our living room, what a MESS from all the wrappers, boxes, and ribbons!
Sabe enjoying my mom's gift

We headed over to the house of Vins' lolo later that day to celebrate with his relatives. But first, check out Miley's outfit, doesn't she look adorable? =)

I was only able to get a photo of Sabe's outfit in the car since once we got there, everyone took turns carrying and playing with him. We all had to wear something green or red, good thing I was able to find Sabe a green shirt at the last minute. He looks a bit underdressed compared to Miley though haha! Actually, it was Miley who was overdressed (its just so fun to dress up little girls!).

Of course, there were more gifts to be opened there as well. Here's Miley playing with her new veterinary set. Her first patient - guinea pig Daddy!

with my 2 (sleepy) babies

Now, I still have to figure out where to put all the kids' new toys! Anyway, hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as I did! Happy holidays everyone! =)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sociable Miley

Last Sunday, we visited my good friend at her house since she was here on vacation from Australia. It was the only time we could see her, and it coincided with a family dinner she was having so her whole clan was there including younger cousins. At first Miley was being her usual shy self when we first arrived. But then, she started warming up to kids (ranging from about 5 to 12). Pretty soon she was running all over the place, holding hands with the girls, dragging them around, sitting on their laps… she was so at home! All the kids were calling Miley to come and play with them, and to think she was the only non-relative there haha! 

Miley finally learns to smile for the cam! As in she actually paused in front of the camera so her daddy was able to get this shot. What an accomplishment haha!

We’ve never gotten around to enrolling Miley in any playschool or even Gymboree because some parents I’ve talked to say that whatever activities they do there is the same with what you normally do with your kids. It’s basically the interaction with other children you’re paying for (and its expensive haha!). Well, Miley has me and Sabre to interact with everyday, plus we also bring her to the park so she can play with other kids - for free. But seeing Miley enjoying so much makes me want to try it out to see if she'll like it.

What about you mommies, do your kids go to playschool? =)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy 8th month Sabe!

Yes, I’m one of those people who love celebrating anniversaries and special occasions. So it’s no surprise that I celebrate the monthly birthdays of my kids as well (at least until they turn 1 of course!). Today is Sabre’s 8th month birthday and how time flies!

Sabe's cake. As usual, chocolate!
Daddy & Sabe
Someone's checking out the cake...
Miley joins in...
Now with me!
Mommy & Sabe
Miley was running behind us singing "Happy Birthday" at the top of her lungs!
Miley gets GIGIL with Sabe all the time these days!
Poor baby! He hates getting bullied by his Ate!
the birthday boy
Sabe wants cake...
and so we let him have it!

Usually, we move the cake away the minute Sabe reaches for it. But this time, I was surprised when Vins stopped me and allowed Sabe to go ahead and ravage the cake. Vins and I were laughing the entire time this was going on!


CAKE SMASH time! One of the best monthly birthdays ever!

the damage

We were calling Miley to join Sabe but she got bitten by the hyper bug. She kept laughing so hard while watching Sabe eat his cake and just started jumping all over the place! Check out all the jumping shots I got!

 I was having a really stressful day but celebrating Sabe's 8th month made it all better! =)


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