Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sabe's 1st Christmas (and Miley's 2nd!)

I now enjoy Christmas so much more since I get to experience it with my kids. Plus, it's the first for Sabe (although he doesn't really know what's happening yet haha)! What's nice this year is that Miley is now more aware of what's going on - she knows Santa, she wants to open gifts, and she loves to sing Jingle Bells!

Like last year, we went to the Christmas Eve mass then had Noche Buena at our house. We usually wait until 12 midnight to open gifts but the kids (especially Miley) were getting sleepy already. So, we went ahead and celebrated a little earlier. =)

Miley already itching to open her gifts!

Sabe joining in the fun

Hurry! Open! Open!
Soooo many gifts, so little time! I'm getting a headache already mommy...
Merry Christmas Sabe!

The next morning, Miley wakes up super early banging on our door wanting to "open gifts! open gifts!" Of course, she wakes up Sabe too. So, despite being dizzy with sleepiness, I dragged myself out of bed to oblige the little princess. But it was worth it, seeing her playing with her new toys. =)

Miley attacking the gift!
Sabe's more interested in the Christmas tree than his gifts
You should have seen our living room, what a MESS from all the wrappers, boxes, and ribbons!
Sabe enjoying my mom's gift

We headed over to the house of Vins' lolo later that day to celebrate with his relatives. But first, check out Miley's outfit, doesn't she look adorable? =)

I was only able to get a photo of Sabe's outfit in the car since once we got there, everyone took turns carrying and playing with him. We all had to wear something green or red, good thing I was able to find Sabe a green shirt at the last minute. He looks a bit underdressed compared to Miley though haha! Actually, it was Miley who was overdressed (its just so fun to dress up little girls!).

Of course, there were more gifts to be opened there as well. Here's Miley playing with her new veterinary set. Her first patient - guinea pig Daddy!

with my 2 (sleepy) babies

Now, I still have to figure out where to put all the kids' new toys! Anyway, hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as I did! Happy holidays everyone! =)

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