Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sociable Miley

Last Sunday, we visited my good friend at her house since she was here on vacation from Australia. It was the only time we could see her, and it coincided with a family dinner she was having so her whole clan was there including younger cousins. At first Miley was being her usual shy self when we first arrived. But then, she started warming up to kids (ranging from about 5 to 12). Pretty soon she was running all over the place, holding hands with the girls, dragging them around, sitting on their laps… she was so at home! All the kids were calling Miley to come and play with them, and to think she was the only non-relative there haha! 

Miley finally learns to smile for the cam! As in she actually paused in front of the camera so her daddy was able to get this shot. What an accomplishment haha!

We’ve never gotten around to enrolling Miley in any playschool or even Gymboree because some parents I’ve talked to say that whatever activities they do there is the same with what you normally do with your kids. It’s basically the interaction with other children you’re paying for (and its expensive haha!). Well, Miley has me and Sabre to interact with everyday, plus we also bring her to the park so she can play with other kids - for free. But seeing Miley enjoying so much makes me want to try it out to see if she'll like it.

What about you mommies, do your kids go to playschool? =)


  1. Try Kindermusik! :-) google for a teacher near your place. My daughter has been joining Kindermusik since she was 6 month old (she's 1.5 yrs old now). Your kids will love it! They offer free trial classes :-)



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