Thursday, December 15, 2011

Run, Mommy, Run!

Vins is so athletic. He’s a triathlete, he plays basketball and he has overall discipline when it comes to working out. Me? Well, let’s just say I signed up for a gym membership a couple of years ago but I just used the treadmill and spent more time in the bathroom blow drying my hair.

After we got married, Vins convinced me to finally go running with him. It really means a lot to him since he says he wants us to do an activity as a couple together (hmmm… isn’t shopping an activity?). To be honest, what really motivated me was the whole new running wardrobe I was getting. Vins bought me shoes, shorts, dri-fit shirts, and sports bras (he was generous since he said it was an investment anyway). And then I got pregnant and that was the end of my running career before it even started (Vins then said that was the worst investment he had ever made).

I promised Vins that once I gave birth, I would get back to running. Sayang naman all my running outfits dba? But then, I got pregnant again(!) so that was that.

Now, it’s been 7 months after giving birth to Sabe and I have no more excuses. 2 days ago, Vins dragged me to the park to join him in his afternoon jog. I was all confident, even telling Vins that if I ran 3k, he should treat me to Papa John’s pizza (siyempre start pa lang ng workout, food na agad ang iniisip!).

So we ran… and after a couple of minutes, my sides were starting to ache, my knees were beginning to get wobbly, I was breaking out into a sweat… I asked Vins how many kilometers we had ran so far…

Vins:  “0.3km…”

Huwaaaaaat???!!! I’d be dead before we even reach 1k!

But I wasn’t going to give up (I could already smell the pizza). After I had ran all I could, the final distance I did was 1.25k! But that was just running! Vins didn’t count the parts we walked in between. If he did, I’d have totaled more than 3k for sure! 

If I keep this up, hopefully I can join a running event sometime early next year (Condura Marathon in February?). Wish me luck!

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