Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Stockpile

I hardly venture to the northern part of the metro, so when I do, it has to be something worth it. Well, one of my best friends was recently in town from Singapore so our high school barkada decided to have dinner at The Stockpile, located all the way in Ortigas.

We already knew we would be stuck in horrendous traffic going there on a weekend, but I was willing to let that pass for the sake of friendship lol! The Stockpile is actually owned by really good friends (same people behind The Sunshine Kitchen in the Fort) so I knew we were in for amazing time for sure.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Real Living online features

Our home was featured a few months ago in the August 2015 issue of Real Living. This time, they also published two articles about it on their website!

The first one is basically a photo gallery of the different areas of the house. Read the entire article HERE.

The second one has some DIY decorating tips including some of my own personal projects like making your own wall stickers and creating silhouette portraits. Read the entire article HERE.

So again, thank you to Real Living for all these features. Really makes all the efforts in making my DIY projects and decorating on a budget worth it! :)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Fall Fashion inspiration

I'll be going to Japan soon and I'm super excited since it will be my first time there! It's autumn right now though, so I've been searching online for some fashion inspiration. Honestly, I prefer the heat over cold weather since I tend to freeze so easily. I checked the weather forecast and the temperature when we're there will be about 14°C (warmest) to 5°C (coldest). So this will be a challenge for me to look good since if it were up to me, I'd be bundled up like an eskimo haha! But of course, I want to look good in my photos so tiis-ganda na lang lol! Check out my pegs for this trip:


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Having ‘that’ conversation: teaching kids to stay safe online

As a parent, you’ll often find yourself in situations where you need to sit down with your adolescent children and have an important conversation about growing up, becoming an adult or choosing your future university or career. But with today’s digitally-connected world, parents should also be more aware of teaching their kids to use social media platforms safely. On top of monitoring what kind of content your children are exposed to, it’s also a good idea to pay attention to monitor what kind of content they publish and who gets to see their content.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Coco Nail Studio

A few weeks ago, I decided to have some mommy and me bonding time with my daughter by bringing her to the nail salon, which she loves! Luckily, I found a gift check from Coco Nail Studio which I received from the first Mothers Who Brunch event I attended.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Domex #WorldToiletDay2015 GIVEAWAY

Domex leads the fight against diseases caused by unsanitary toilets through the 1M Clean Toilets Movement. In celebration of World Toilet Day, Domex leads a toilet clean-up in East Avenue Medical Center, symbolizing our commitment in helping people, especially those who have been afflicted, to fight diseases through clean toilets.

To support the 1 Million Clean Toilets Movement and World Toilet Day, I pledge to properly clean my toilet, to protect my family from disease caused by unsanitary toilets.

And in celebration of World Toilet Day, Domex will be giving away gift packs to 10 lucky winners. All you have to do is answer the following questions:

Who do you protect from disease causing germs? Who inspires you to keep your toilet at home clean and germ-free?

Then post your answer on Instagram with a photo of or with your loved ones doing a checkmark hand gesture using their left hand. See example below:

Make sure you follow me on IG and tag me @mrsmommyholic and use the hashtags #WorldToiletDay2015 #1MCleanToilets

See, it's that easy!

I will choose 10 entries on NOVEMBER 13 to win 2 months worth of Domex cleaning products. Winners should be willing to claim their prizes at the Stratworks office located in Makati. Prizes must be claimed by December 15, 2015.

Strategic Works, Inc.
2/F Zaragoza Building
102 Gamboa St., Legaspi Village,
Makati City 1229

So what are you waiting for? Keep your family safe from diseases caused by unsanitary toilets. Trust Domex, the germ kill expert and join the 1M Clean Toilets Movement now!



Monday, November 9, 2015

Hallmark's MIX and MATCH x A Sweet Cottage

I'm one of those people who loves wrapping gifts. I find it so relaxing and therapeutic (read more about my crafty Christmas tips HERE and HERE). So when Maricel of A Sweet Cottage invited me to attend a gift wrapping workshop for Hallmark, I knew this was an event I didn't want to miss!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Join the One Million Clean Toilets Movement

Did you know that 443 million school days are lost each year because of unsanitary toilets?

According to a study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), children around the world miss an estimated 443 million school days each year because of diseases caused by poor sanitation and hygiene practices, including using unsanitary toilets. Simply put, this number of sick days is equivalent to all grade school and high school classrooms in the Philippines being empty for one month. This sanitation-related concern hinders the children’s learning and significantly reduces their quality of life.

Illnesses due to poor toilet sanitation include diarrhoeal disease and parasitic worm infections which can lead to nutritional deficiencies, physical and mental stunting, and death. Every day, millions of children in rural communities and urban households nationwide are exposed to these health problems by using dirty toilets populated by disease-carrying germs.

According to Dr. Luisa Efren of the Philippine Public Health Association (PPHA), the simple act of proper toilet sanitation can help prevent the spread of these germs. However, children continue to be at risk from these deadly diseases because many households still use ordinary laundry bleach to clean their toilet bowls, which is not enough to kill all toilet germs.

A toilet that looks clean to the naked eye may not necessarily be free from germs and bacteria. So, it is very important to properly sanitize all surfaces using a germ-kill expert with proven efficacy in eliminating bacteria, and not just any ordinary laundry bleach,” Dr. Efren warned.

For the past three years, Unilever Philippines through its germ-kill expert brand Domex, has been working with UNICEF and PPHA to champion the One Million Clean Toilets Movement. This advocacy program aims to educate Filipinos on proper toilet hygiene and the need for sanitized household toilets to keep their families safe against disease-causing germs.

On November 13, World Toilet Day, join the One Million Clean Toilets Movement in the fight against disease causing germs to save lives, one clean toilet at a time. To learn more about Domex and how you can stay safe from disease with a germ-free home, visit Domex Philippines on Facebook.

You can also help the 1 Million Clean Toilets Movement fight against disease by spreading awareness on the sanitation issue caused unsanitary toilets. Watch and share the “Sick Days” video below to help keep your family and friends germ-free.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

Sorry for being MIA these past few days, we've just been really busy taking advantage of the kids' sem break. Plus, I've also been fixing their requirements and applications for big school already. Gosh, is Miley really going to be Grade 1 already next year?! Where did the time go!

I've been so preoccupied lately that I haven't even decorated the house for Christmas (I didn't even put up Halloween decors like before!). We finally put up the tree 2 days ago, and I still have so much to do. These next few weeks are going to be so hectic since we have some family vacations lined up together with entrance exams and Christmas shopping which I haven't even started with! Ayayay!

Anyway, I'll leave that craziness behind for now and share with you our Halloween costumes for this year. I wanted it to be easy to do, cheap but cute, and something the whole family could be part of. So presenting... DESPICABLE ME!


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