Friday, November 30, 2012

Mixie Bottle: Genius Idea!

Whoever thought of this product deserves a slow clap with standing ovation from me:

Meet Mixie, the first ever formula mixing bottle, which lets you prep the bottle before you need it and then mix it right on the spot later. Watch how it works here!

I've had those moments in the middle of the night when my kids would ask for milk and I'd be like a zombie trying to fix a bottle with my eyes closed. Opening the cap of the bottle carefully making sure the water won't spill, then shooting the powder in the bottle... all this while lying down half asleep. Or how about when you're in the car or at the mall and your kid wants to eat NOW? So I just have to say that this Mixie bottle is such a smart, no BRILLIANT, idea!

Based online, the 4oz. bottle costs $19 and the 8oz. bottle costs $22

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Babypalooza Bazaar

For the mommies out there, you might be intereseted in The Babypalooza Bazaar which focuses on items and services for parents, babies and toddlers. It is very unique in that it features mostly moms selling both pre-loved and brand new premium items from widely trusted local and imported brands. 

Buyers will find everything from cloth nappies to breast pumps to strollers & cribs. They will also get the chance to meet popular mom bloggers who will also be selling their own stuff. They can do all this in an air-conditioned and safe venue. 

FREE entrance and parking too! 

For more details, please visit: or email:

Monday, November 26, 2012

Easiest Hairstyle Ever: The Donut Bun

Before I went to Boracay for my friend's wedding, I'd been thinking how to style my hair for the event. My first choice was to have it loose and curly but since we're going to be at the beach, I figured my hair might end up limp from the wind or I'd feel too hot with all my hair down my back. The best choice would be to definitely have it up. I didn't want to just put it up in a boring old ponytail so I started researching on updo hairstyles. Here were my inspirations:

I loved the classic, big ballerina bun and after doing more research (I love how you can find everything online!) found so many tutorials on doing the hairstyle (like here and here). Some made use of a donut hair accessory while others were more resourceful and made one out of a sock (yes, a sock! which is why this hairstyle is also called a "sock bun").

I had no idea where to get a hair donut here in Manila and was all set to cut up one of my old socks... but then (drumroll please) I found a donut bun in Pinkbox! For only P99.75! Amazeballs!

It comes in 3 sizes (small, medium, large) and for my hair, I got the smallest one first. Here are the instructions at the back of the packaging, which were pretty easy to follow.

Here's also some video tutorials on 2 different ways to make this hairstyle: Video 1 (which is how I do my bun) & Video 2 (which I think works best using a sock).

Anyway, here's my own take on the donut bun, just to show you how easy it is! Here's all the stuff you need plus just 5 minutes of your time. =)

STEP 1: Tie you hair in a pony tail, depending on where you want the bun to be (eeek, can I just say, I NEED a haircut! and some new hair color!)

STEP 2: Thread the donut bun over your pony tail and fan you hair around the bun

STEP 3: Loop the 2nd hair tie over the bun then just tuck excess hair under and hold with hair pins

TADA! All done. It really is as simple as 1-2-3! This is such an easy to do hairstyle I can't believe I just discovered it now. I'll probably be doing my hair like this for other events/parties/weddings I have to go to in the future. =)

The only thing I have to work on is hiding those hair pins around the bun better. Anyway, I got so many compliments on my hair during the wedding and to think this was probably the most fuss-free hairstyle I ever did! I now want to buy the bigger size donut so that I could try having the bun right on top of my head ala Kim Kardashian. ;p

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Boracay Food Trip

After being on a diet the past couple of months, I was dying to get to Boracay already so that I can finally get it over and done with! At first, I felt a little bit guilty eating so much when we got there since I did work hard on getting in shape. But hubby and everyone else was right, we were on vacation after all. Walang diet diet!

So, here were just some of the gastronomic delights we ate while we were at the beach. Too bad we weren't able to eat in Talipapa since we were pressed for time attending the wedding and all. But we were able to try new restaurants and I think we all gained 5 pounds from all the food we ate in such a short amount of time. ;p

food from White House, Hawaiian BBQ, Two Seasons, Fish Bar, Real Coffee, Kasbah

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Beach Wedding

When I think of beach weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is a simple ceremony, an intimate reception, and of course a gorgeous sunset as backdrop. Well, this was my first time to attend a beach wedding (held at Shangri-La's Boracay Resort & Spa), and what a wedding it was! The bride is our good friend and blockmate from college and I think my expectations will forevermore be set to the standards of this event! There were so many beautiful and amazing details from the wedding that I could not possibly show all the pictures here. So allow me to just share some of my favorite moments from that day.

Can I just share that I forgot to pack hubby's pants! I was so focused on making sure his white polo didn't get wrinkled in the bag that the pants totally slipped my mind. Ooops! He was all set to wear shorts but good thing he was able to borrow a pair at the last minute. They were a bit big for him but it was all good. =) And look at the gorgeous lace parasols which they gave all the guests (along with lace fans).

After the ceremony, they served cocktails and had some entertainment including a mesmerizing dance number from "fire queen" Rachel Lobangco herself. Then, everyone moved to the reception area at the beach which was transformed into a beautiful tented set-up.

This was my absolute favorite part of the night, when they had everyone light floating lanterns. It was a real life "Tangled" moment seeing the lanterns light up the sky amidst the sailboats in the water.

Haha my friends and I couldn't resist having our photos taken with Christian Bautista, who performed a couple of songs, and Drew Arellano, who hosted the reception. It was a good thing I was right beside both guys, so I could just crop out my friends hahaha! ;p

Another amazing moment was the couple's entrance, via dragon boats! I swear, it was just like a scene from a movie.

And then, we also had a special participation since the couple asked some of their friends and family to be part of a flash mob dance number. We danced to Starships and Gangnam Style! It was super fun although a bit embarrassing at first hahaha! The after, there was a spectacular fireworks display.

There was also an after party in the resort's entertainment center where there were more drinks and fun to be had. I won't tell you anymore what happened during that part because as they say, what happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay! hahaha! But again, congratulations to our friends for this awesome and memorable celebration. Definitely one for the books!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Back in Boracay

After 3 years, hubby and I finally got the chance to take a trip back to Boracay for our friend's wedding last weekend. The last time we were here was right after our wedding in 2009. Boracay was also where Vins proposed to me in 2008, which I promise to tell you guys about sometime since it was very grand and romantic (promise!).

I've been to Boracay many times before for work, and it would usually fall around Holy Week when we would have events. This was the first time we went in November and I have to say, it is really one of the best times to go here. The weather was absolutely perfect (it just drizzled a little bit sometimes and then sunny all the way), there was just the right amount of people, and the water was crystal clear (no lumot!).

In the past, we always stayed in Station 2 near D'Mall so that we're in the center and near all the restaurants and bars. This time, we stayed in Sur Resort in Station 1. We loved that it was so chill and relaxing in that part of the beach. It was also nicer to go swimming since there weren't that much people and you felt you had the whole beach to yourself. The only problem was that it was at the far end of the beach (near Discovery Shores) so we had to walk quite a bit if we wanted to grab a shake at Jonah's or have lunch/dinner at one of the many restos in Station 2 (well, you can always take a trike if you don't feel like walking).

They also had happy hour at our resort from 3pm to 8pm which meant buy 1 take 1 on most drinks. The resort next to ours, White House, had happy hour from 7am to 7pm! No wonder people were there the whole day! The only thing I kept ordering were mojitos, which is now my official favorite drink. Yummy! =)

This was also the first time we went with our college barkada so it was super nice to bond and just spend time together. We had the best time just swimming and talking and laughing so much! We all kept joking that we were getting so old since we were all so sleepy by 10pm already haha! Before, we could all stay up till the wee hours of the morning just partying and drinking. Now, when one of our friends texted us to go to Epic in Station 2 at around 9pm, we all just said "nah!" since we were all tamad to walk and just wanted to chill! Talk about corny hahaha!

The wedding we went to was held in Shangri-La Boracay so we had a chance to go there the day before since we had rehearsals for this flash mob dance number we were going to do (I'll tell you all about it in my next post when I write about the wedding). While waiting, we went to the beach and swam a little, although the sand in Shangri-La wasn't as powdery soft as in the main Boracay beach.

Ok, I have to include a bikini pic below because I'm so happy my diet paid off haha! But I've also been taking Carbtrim the past 2 months so I think it also helped. I just hope I can continue with my diet (ang hirap!) and not start binge eating just because Boracay is over. Although to be honest, I was always super stomach in whenever we'd take pics, but at least I felt sexy and confident in my bikini hehe! ;p

Here's some more pics from our trip...

Just writing about this is making me miss Boracay already. I promise that the next time we go here wouldn't be in another 3 years and of course, with the kids this time. =)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SM's Thanksgiving Sale (November 22)

Enjoy up to 50% off on great selections! +10% off for Advantage, Prestige, MOM and BDO Rewards card holders! Happy shopping! =)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Closet Cuties

Last year, I posted about Miley hiding in the closet. If Sabe hated it before, now he loves this game too! =)

Miley and Sabe take turns hiding inside, then the other one opens and shuts the door (I'm scared they'll accidentally slam their fingers or toes one day!). They keep asking me to join them, then we'll all go inside and hide from Daddy, Yaya, or even a "ghost" haha!

Miley showing her brother some "sisterly love"

Don't you just love playtime with kids? =)

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Assumption Bazaar 2012

My alma mater (grade school & high school) will be having its much-awaited annual Assumption Bazaar on November 18 & 25 (Sunday) at the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Intercontinental from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. The theme for this bazaar is “Feel Good by Shopping for a Cause". Lots of new products, local crafts, export overruns, gourmet goodies, toys, the AAA White Elephant Booth and many more!

Tickets available at the bazaar entrance at P100. Your support will benefit the Assumption Mission Schools so please do drop by! =)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My little Christmas helpers

If last year I had the pleasure of decorating our Christmas tree all by myself, now I have 2 little assistants helping me. =)

Look how serious Miley is. She's as OC as me! She'd get upset when the balls wouldn't hang properly haha! ;p

Little Sabey just wanted to play with the decors. I kept him busy with the bells so he wouldn't start picking the Christmas balls off the tree like apples...

Putting the finishing touches (Miley was covered in glitter all over at this point)...

while Sabey is still busy with the bells! Good job baby! Keep stacking them up! =)

I also brought out the other decors like this snowman and Miley went crazy! She kept hugging it and saying "I love you snowman! I love you so much!" Awww, she's just so excited for Christmas already. =)

To be honest, with the 2 kids running around and playing in the living room, our Christmas tree definitely looked better last year. They've already broken a few balls and bent some branches. I half expect the tree to fall down at some point! Well, it comes with having kids. The important thing is they enjoy and love all the decors.

If you want to see our Christmas tree in all its glory, check out my post last year. I just used less of all the same decors, so it just looks more bare now haha! =)


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