Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick-or-Treat with Lilo & Stitch

As I mentioned in my previous post about last year's Halloween, I really want my kids' costumes to match and for them to be a pair. It's also a must for their outfits to be super comfortable since it can get pretty hot going around trick or treating. So this year, they went as LILO & STITCH. =)

Miley's LILO costume was pretty easy to do. The top and grass skirt came as a set. I just added the bracelets which I cut up from a lei necklace from Daiso. The headpiece is actually part of a Christmas garland which I bought from Handyman. And I also curled her hair by twisting it around in little buns during the morning. The end result made it seem like her hair was damaged and fried instead of the soft waves I was hoping for though hehe. =)

Now here's Sabe as STITCH or as my friend said, Lito Atienza! haha! I'm so happy we were able to find the Stitch headpiece from the Supersale Bazaar of all places! I mean, it's the whole point of the costume, otherwise, it would just look like a regular Hawaiian outfit. I was thinking of dressing Sabe up in a blue bodysuit so that he would really look like Stitch but I know my poor baby would just be uncomfortable once we started trick-or-treating. It was so hot when we went around our village I couldn't imagine how the other kids could stand it in full long sleeved costumes with make-up. I'm just glad Sabe was happy and comfy in his outfit. =)

Here's the rest of our pics from our super spooktacular Halloween =)

Our only decent family picture :( It was so hard to get Sabe to stay still! I guess it comes with the Stitch character ;p
let's go get those candies!
With my Lilo. Of course mommy was also in a Hawaiian outfit. =)
With my Stitch (minus the headpiece)... so I guess he's now just a surfer dude? ;p
our loot!

We had so much fun even though we were all dead tired by the end of the day. Can't wait for next year, I already have a few ideas for the kids' costumes already. =)

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