Saturday, November 10, 2012

Decorative Letters from Invitation House

I'm so happy I found these letters from Invitation House since I've been wanting to place Miley's name on her bedroom wall for the longest time already. The letters are made from lightweight cardboard material and cost P120 each. I think it's already a steal compared to some other letters (although made of wood) being sold online at more than twice the price.

their store in Alabang Town Center

Each letter is 7" tall and 3cm thick. They have different designs per letter so you can mix and match, but I choose this design which I think matches the room the best. And I liked it the most. =) If you don't like any of the designs though, you can just change it by cutting out and gluing scrapbook / giftwrapping paper on top of the letter. I actually plan to do this when I buy letters for Sabe's room since they don't have a design that fits the color combo I want.

Since the letters are super light, they just needed a few strips of my favorite mounting tape (P39.75 at Handyman) to stick to the wall. This tape is super strong which is perfect since I just know the kids will try to remove the letters haha! And I got to test it when I tried moving a letter a few centimeters (since it was a bit crooked) and it wouldn't budge!

And here's the finished product! Miley loves it, she now keeps spelling her name out loud. =) And as expected, Sabe keeps wanting to pull the letters down though (with matching mischievous smile). Don't worry Sabe, you'll have your own set soon! =)

If you don't feel like hanging the letters, you can just use them to decorate a bookshelf or a console table. Or even use them as part of a centerpiece for a party. So cute right? =)


  1. Beautiful room Miley ;) Galing talga ni mommy so creative :)

  2. wow! I love it! Thanks for posting! Will visit their ATC store :)

    BTW, the owl decals are FAB!!!!!

  3. Hey Helene! Thank you so much for sharing this. I asked an officemate to buy for us, kasi he lives near ATC. I also bought for our room, here's my post

  4. The block letters are really nice... I got here through Mafeteers' blog :) I wish I can DIY these block letters. Living oceans away from Pinas, it's kind hard to buy these block letters from ATC hehe... also I doubt I'll find stores here that sells something similar here.

    Lovely room! You are one creative mama ;-)

    Spanish Pinay



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