Friday, November 30, 2012

Mixie Bottle: Genius Idea!

Whoever thought of this product deserves a slow clap with standing ovation from me:

Meet Mixie, the first ever formula mixing bottle, which lets you prep the bottle before you need it and then mix it right on the spot later. Watch how it works here!

I've had those moments in the middle of the night when my kids would ask for milk and I'd be like a zombie trying to fix a bottle with my eyes closed. Opening the cap of the bottle carefully making sure the water won't spill, then shooting the powder in the bottle... all this while lying down half asleep. Or how about when you're in the car or at the mall and your kid wants to eat NOW? So I just have to say that this Mixie bottle is such a smart, no BRILLIANT, idea!

Based online, the 4oz. bottle costs $19 and the 8oz. bottle costs $22


  1. Na excite naman ako dito!!! Gusto ko na tuloy mag ka 2nd baby :)

    1. I know right? Good product for multi-tasker moms =)



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