Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Damage-free hanging hooks

You must know that my hubby absolutely hates drilling anything into our walls. He likes the minimalist look so it drives him nuts whenever he sees me buying picture frames or planning a new wall gallery. Even a simple task of drilling a towel bar in one of our bathrooms has been put off for months! I want to do it myself but power tools scare me and I might end up doing further damage than good. So I've taken matters into my own hands. No more nails, screws or anything that requires puncturing a hole in the walls. I've started stocking up on those heavy duty double-sided tapes which I can use to mount my frames (which I did for my new wallart here). While in Handyman, I also saw these 3M adhesive hooks which was perfect for this project I wanted to do for the kids' room. It was a bit pricey at P200 for 2 hooks but the cute, bold colors really sucked me in (there were much cheaper options but in white). On the bright side, it came with a free microfiber wipe cloth. =)

Anyway, I've been wanting to put hooks in the walls to hang some of the kids' stuff like their backpacks. Not only does it make use of wall space, but the stuff you hang sort of acts like a decoration as well. By mounting the hooks at the kids' height, I hope to teach them to be more organized by allowing them to put their own stuff away. =)

What's good about these hooks is only the base is mounted. The actual hook can be taken out so I can even interchange it with another color if I want to. =)

The only problem? Once Sabe noticed this new addition to their room, he instantly wanted to play with the hooks and kept pulling on them! Well, I think it was only because he saw me taking photos. On a regular day when the backpacks are hanging on them, he mostly leaves them alone. =)

So far, the hooks are hanging pretty well despite the pulling and tugging of the kids. I'm definitely planning to put another set at the opposite wall soon. =)

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