Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Katsu Sora Japanese Restaurant

One of our new favorite restaurants in SM BF is Katsu Sora which opened just a few months ago.

What caught our eye when we first ate here was their Salad, Soup and Rice Buffet. All sets come with unlimited refills of salad, soup and rice from the buffet bar (except kids set). Appetizer pa lang, busog na! ;p

This is the buffet bar:

steamed broccoli, potato salad with egg
veggies like mixed lettuce, white onions, cucumber
fresh fruits
unlimited rice and miso soup

You can also add toppings to the rice like black and white sesame seeds, sake, tarako or tamago.

rice toppings

Different salad dressings like Grated Onion, French dressing, Soy Sesame dressing, Wasabi dressing, Creamy Wasabi dressing, Mentaiko dressing, Thousand Island dressing, Japanese Creamy dressing, Chinese dressing and Lemon dressing.

salad dressing
more sauces at the table

Here are their different types of pork. The Iberico Pork is the most expensive with sets at around P650, the Kurobuta Pork sets are about P550, the Shimofuri Pork sets are around P450, and the Sakura Pork sets are about P350.

Of course we had to order Katsudon, and we decided to get the Iberico Pork Set (120g) which came with Japanese rice, salad, soup and hot tea. The meat was indeed super soft and tender and very delicious!

Iberico Katsudon Set
love how there's a flame under the bowl so the dish is really hot!

We also got the Tonkatsu Curry in Kurobuta Pork (120g) served with a mild curry sauce, stewed vegetables and rice.

Kurobuta Tonkatsu Curry Set

We also orderd the classic Tonkatsu in Sakura Pork (120g) which came with Japanese rice, salad, soup and hot tea.

Sakura Pork Tonkatsu Set

Everything was so good and the price is very affordable considering the salad, soup and rice buffet. The Iberico and Kurobuta Pork were really so tender, but I have to say the Sakura Pork wasn't bad at all too! Definitely a must try for all katsu lovers out there. :)

SM City BF Paranaque Branch

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!

Every year, my hubby's family has a theme for our Christmas party. We've had Hawaiian, cartoon families, baduy outfits, weird hats, etc. This year, the theme was UGLY SWEATER!

At first, I was not liking this theme because I couldn't find a sweater that was ugly enough haha! But then, this type of party is apparently popular in the States and upon doing some research, I found a lot of ideas online. I wish I had more time to really get into this project though, but I was super busy wrapping gifts and doing last minute errands.

Anyway, I just made this snowman sweater for hubby and used an ice cream cone for the nose. Sorry, medyo bastos haha! Pero it was a big hit with everyone lol! ;p

For Miley, I just sewed on small ornament balls on the collar of her shirt and added this small Christmas sock which I got from National Bookstore. Then the blue tassels on the shoulders were added by hubby's cousin. Pero ewan ko, hindi naman naging ugly, cute pa rin tingnan e! ;p

Hubby bought Sabe's shirt in Old Navy and we find it super funny haha! Hubby's a big fan of Will Ferrell kasi. I just added some more Christmas balls to the shirt para mas baduy hehe!

And me? I just found this shirt in Landmark a few days before and bought it for P199. Pwede na pang Ugly Sweater since it looks kinda Christmasy coz of the colors and it's something I definitely would NOT wear in real life haha! Was supposed to add all sorts of Christmas balls to match with the polka dots but again, walang time!

 Here are some of the Ugly Sweaters people made. Pati si Grandpa career e lol! ;p

And the highlight of the night for me was this game we played where you throw a coin and whatever number it lands on corresponds to a certain prize. The catch though was that most of the prizes were really old! Sakto with the "ugly" theme of the night talaga e. As in panahon pa ni Mahoma hahaha! Anyway, our loot was 2 bottles of peanut brittle (what were the chances that Sabe and Sky would both get this talaga?), a sandwich maker (hubby), a glass bowl (Miley), and P100 for me! Ok na nga un mga nakuha namin compared to the others e! Un iba, velvet jewelry box (na may mga stain na), alarm clock (na natunaw na un battery), and you get the picture! It was really so funny and fun! ;p
Haaay, I can't believe Christmas is finally over! Ang bilis! Anyway, from my family to yours, keep enjoying the rest of this holiday season and the last few days of the year. Cheers! :)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone peace, joy and love this holiday season! Here's two versions of our annual Christmas card with photos taken by Luxe Photography (which reminds me, I still haven't shared the complete set with you guys... will have to blog about it soon ;p).

Anyway, right now, we're having Noche Buena and opening gifts already. So MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!! Hope you're all having a great time just like we are. :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

IKEA shopping loot

Here's the stuff I bought from IKEA Hong Kong:

I'm currently stoking up on duvets and this one had a cute print and was one of the cheapest ones out of all the designs.
ÖDESTRÄD Quilt cover and 4 pillowcases, Queen size – HK $129.9

This was one of the duvets I've been wanting for the longest time! I just love the alphabet design! :)
EIVOR ORD Quilt cover and 4 pillowcases, Queen size - HK $169.9

I love colorful prints and this pillow was just too cute to pass up. And there are even pineapples in the design!
KNAPPSÄV Cushion, multicolour - HK $69.9

I love this holder which fits all my cute paper napkins perfectly.
LIKSIDIG Napkin holder, white - HK $25.9

This placemat has a cute design and made of plastic which makes it easier to wipe and clean after eating. :)
KLISTRIG Place mat, multicolour (4 pcs) - HK $25.9

This picture frame is made of plastic but the ornate design is really nice. And it can be used hanging or standing up.
KVILL 5x7 frame, white - HK $59.9

These colorful plastic bowls and glasses are perfect for the kids' snacks.
KALAS Bowl, assorted colours (6 pcs) - HK $19.9
KALAS Mug, assorted colours (6 pcs) - HK $19.9  

Miley actually held on to this stuffed toy as soon as we entered and she even wrote her name on the white tag with a pencil! So we had to buy it talaga hehe. And we also bought this cloth crown which if I remember correctly was on sale that time, so I think it was just $19.
HASSELMUS Soft toy, mouse - HK $11.9
VITSIG Children's hat - HK $39.9

My son is currently addicted to straws so he was already so happy with this purchase hehe. It's a bit wider than a normal straw and the colors are so cute. :)
SOMMARFINT Drinking straw, assorted colours (100 pcs) - HK $7.9

So many cute stuff, so little time! I'm really happy with everything I got but if only I could fit so much more in our luggage! I wanted to buy tables, chairs, rugs... Definitely can't wait to travel again to another country with an IKEA store. :p

Sunday, December 21, 2014

IKEA in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

When we went to Hong Kong last month, I knew I just wanted to go shopping in one place only. I wasn't interested in going to the night markets or the fashion outlets, just IKEA. Yes, I was on a mission lol. ;p I've been lusting over so many of their products for the longest time and was so excited to finally be able to visit an actual store! The last time I was able to go to an IKEA was in Singapore 4 years ago.

Our main itinerary was really Disneyland, but we had a free day to do whatever. So I did my research and found out they had 3 branches in HK - Causeway Bay, Kowloon Bay, and Shatin. We decided to just go to the one in Causeway Bay since we really haven't been around that part of the city yet during previous visits. So at least we could still explore after with the kids.

We took the MRT to Causeway Bay and we were supposed to go out at exit E which was the closest one based on the map. But we ended up in a different exit (probably because we were looking for the nearest elevator since we had 2 strollers) and I had to ask somewhere for directions. Good thing we were still pretty close, and we finally reached the place after walking for a few more minutes.

The IKEA I went to in Singapore was huge and it was like a warehouse type building. Here, we had to go down an escalator since the store was in the basement. So it was definitely smaller, but still complete.

I love how the store is laid out into different sections as you walk through (living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc.) which makes looking for things more organized. I totally love the set-ups of the different areas, especially the bedrooms, which gives you a lot of inspiration when setting up your own space. It makes you want to buy everything and redo your whole house, ang gaganda! ;p

The kiddie bedrooms were so cute too. Miley was like, "Mom can this be my room?" There were so much I wanted to buy (like that leaf canopy below) but we had limited space in our luggage so I had to prioritize.

Of course, the kids were getting so bored already after a while (including daddy), but they got excited again when we reached the toys. And thank goodness for this little play area that kept them occupied for a bit while I looked around. ;p

I thought we had reached the end of the store, but then there was another level going down and that's were all the accessories and decorations were pala! I was drooling over all the trays, plates, bowls, picture frames, artworks, and many more. Haaay, pwede ba iuwi lahat? The 2nd basement was also where you pick up the items you liked from the upper level (like beddings or furniture).

paper napkins

We were so hungry after since it was already lunchtime. I was excited to eat in their restaurant but I got disappointed when they only had a small cafe without even any tables or chairs. Basically, you just buy your food and eat standing up. Good thing we were still able to eat their famous meatballs which were so yummy!

Oh how I wish I could buy everything I wanted and bring them home! Can they just please open an IKEA store here in the Philippines already? Anyway, stay tuned for my shopping loot in the next post! :)



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