Friday, December 19, 2014

Online shopping for Christmas gifts

I was just in the mall last Sunday and there were soooo many people everywhere shopping like there’s no tomorrow! Not to mention the traffic was terrible, it took forever to find parking, and it was so hard to move around with our strollers without bumping anyone every 5 seconds. It definitely makes me want to skip going anywhere until the Christmas season is over!

I still have a few gifts to buy so I’m thankful there are now so many online shops which makes everything so much more convenient. Here’s some ideas for Christmas presents you can buy right in the comfort of your own home! :)

I think anything personalized makes a great and thoughtful gift. Name On Print has items like trays, tumblers, coasters, cellphone/tablet cases, and so much more. You can choose from so many designs and colors or simply customize your own.

personalized mousepad

Paper products like notecards and notepads from Paper&Print by Unico or Papelito are also practical and useful to give to family and friends.

Instagram inspired items are always a big hit with anyone. I gave these pillow cases from InstaMUG to our parents last year and they were so touched with it. My mom says she keeps looking at the photos on the pillows everyday!

Aside from loads of fashion finds, Zalora has an extensive selection of make-up that would make perfect Christmas gifts for your female friends and family. I know I’d love to get some lipstick or an eyeshadow palette, wouldn’t you? ;p

Or you can head over to Seek the Uniq for lots of unique finds from clothing, accessories, bags, home decor, and even stuff for kids. Check out some of my buys from their site HERE. And you don’t even have to wrap what you bought anymore since they come beautifully packaged already.

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s definitely time to hurry up and complete those lists! Happy shopping everyone! :)

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  1. I personally love seek the uniq. i am into their scents and their kids stuff



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