Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!

Every year, my hubby's family has a theme for our Christmas party. We've had Hawaiian, cartoon families, baduy outfits, weird hats, etc. This year, the theme was UGLY SWEATER!

At first, I was not liking this theme because I couldn't find a sweater that was ugly enough haha! But then, this type of party is apparently popular in the States and upon doing some research, I found a lot of ideas online. I wish I had more time to really get into this project though, but I was super busy wrapping gifts and doing last minute errands.

Anyway, I just made this snowman sweater for hubby and used an ice cream cone for the nose. Sorry, medyo bastos haha! Pero it was a big hit with everyone lol! ;p

For Miley, I just sewed on small ornament balls on the collar of her shirt and added this small Christmas sock which I got from National Bookstore. Then the blue tassels on the shoulders were added by hubby's cousin. Pero ewan ko, hindi naman naging ugly, cute pa rin tingnan e! ;p

Hubby bought Sabe's shirt in Old Navy and we find it super funny haha! Hubby's a big fan of Will Ferrell kasi. I just added some more Christmas balls to the shirt para mas baduy hehe!

And me? I just found this shirt in Landmark a few days before and bought it for P199. Pwede na pang Ugly Sweater since it looks kinda Christmasy coz of the colors and it's something I definitely would NOT wear in real life haha! Was supposed to add all sorts of Christmas balls to match with the polka dots but again, walang time!

 Here are some of the Ugly Sweaters people made. Pati si Grandpa career e lol! ;p

And the highlight of the night for me was this game we played where you throw a coin and whatever number it lands on corresponds to a certain prize. The catch though was that most of the prizes were really old! Sakto with the "ugly" theme of the night talaga e. As in panahon pa ni Mahoma hahaha! Anyway, our loot was 2 bottles of peanut brittle (what were the chances that Sabe and Sky would both get this talaga?), a sandwich maker (hubby), a glass bowl (Miley), and P100 for me! Ok na nga un mga nakuha namin compared to the others e! Un iba, velvet jewelry box (na may mga stain na), alarm clock (na natunaw na un battery), and you get the picture! It was really so funny and fun! ;p
Haaay, I can't believe Christmas is finally over! Ang bilis! Anyway, from my family to yours, keep enjoying the rest of this holiday season and the last few days of the year. Cheers! :)

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