Saturday, December 6, 2014

Divi Buys (party prizes)

One of my favorite things about throwing birthday parties is buying prizes! Probably because I can buy a lot without feeling guilty since it's not for me naman hehe. And basically anything shopping-related just makes me happy. :)

Anyway, where else to go but Divisoria of course! I just went around mostly in 168 Mall and didn't go anymore in the streets or in the non-aircon buildings. I'm sure the prices there are cheaper but I just didn't want to get hassled anymore with all the crowds and heat.

When buying prizes, I'm on the lookout for anything cheap but of course, don't look it naman hehe. And most of these items I've been seeing around in bazaars and malls being sold for twice the price or even more actually. And I like getting stuff that I know my kids will like winning if they were the ones attending a party. :)

I bought these Lego-like figurines for only P25 each. My kids love these and there are actually so many different types (Marvel Superheroes, Star Wars, etc.). And I know these are being sold in tiangges and bazaars for P50 each.

These are like bigger versions of the Lego figurines. They only had IronMan though. Better for smaller kids so they don't lose the parts. I think these were P35 each.

I got these jumbo crayons for 3 for P100.

I really can't resist cute erasers. The sets with the pencils were 3 for P100 and the Eiffel Tower and London erasers were P40 or P50 each.

These notepad/pencil sets were also 3 for P100. And there were so many Frozen items pala these days. If you're throwing a Frozen-themed party, you can find everything in Divisoria!

These big coloring book sets were P60 each since I got 12 pieces. And I liked that they had a lot of characters to choose from (Spiderman, Cars, Toy Story, etc for the boys / Princess, Hello Kitty, Barbie, etc for the girls).

These were probably my favorite find - scratch notepads! These were only P25 each and they are so cute!

The paper is multi-colored underneath and then covered with a black layer. You use the wooden pencil (or even a toothpick) to write on the pad and the drawings turn out really colorful. My daughter loves it and here's some of her creations. Super cute right? I just absolutely love these! :)

I also bought these luggage tags (since Skyler's party is travel themed after all). What I love about them aside from the colors is the fact that they're rewritable. I can't remember the exact price, but definitely less than P100 each.

So there you have it, some of the prizes I'm giving away for the party. I'm getting so excited already! :)

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