Monday, December 31, 2012

Photo of the Day: Cheers!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! (don't worry, it's just water ;p)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Christmas Celebrations

This year's Christmas has probably been one of my best so far. I just enjoyed every single get-together with friends and family, ate so much food (I've probably gained 5 pounds in just 2 days), and received some great gifts hehe! Plus, seeing the kids really enjoy and appreciate the festivities made it all the more special. =)

My babies in their red outfits getting ready for Christmas Eve mass.
Miley doing snow angels... and cleaning the floor.
Noche Buena
can't wait to open presents... and enjoyed them right after too!
more gifts on Christmas morning!
at Grandpa's house for the whole family's Christmas day party
Can you guess what everyone was dancing to the whole night? What else but GANGNAM STYLE! (look, sawa na nga si Sabe e) ;p
The theme for the party was to come in something "BADUY". Hubby & I didn't follow the dress code (un na ang pagiging baduy namin lol!). But during judging time, hubby just grabbed some leftover ribbon, tied it around his head and neck, and danced in a really baduy way... Guess what? HE WON! hahaha! Yan ang walang effort na baduy! ;p
My favorite pic of the night, our usual crazy family picture trying to keep the kids in place! I think we can have a nice family pic in about 5 years pa hahaha!

How was your Christmas everyone? Can't believe it's the last few days before 2013! =)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Candy Christmas

Saw this super cute candy display made by kids when we went to The Palms the other day. The kids loved touching the artwork (and almost ate them too!) ;p

Here are some of my favorites. Merry Christmas! =)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

More pics from SM MOA's Christmas display

We did manage to get some more good photos from the holiday display over at SM Mall of Asia. =) But it did take multiple tries, some more coaxing, and a whole lot of patience haha!

3 more days til Christmas! =)

Our (funny) Christmas pictures at SM MOA

There's a really nice area in the middle of SM Mall of Asia where you can take nice Christmas photos. There's a huge Christmas tree and inside is a couch where you can sit and have a nice family portrait.

Of course, we just had to take pics! But I'm sure all you parents out there know how DIFFICULT it is to make little children sit still for even a few seconds... So here's the outcome of our photo shoot. Don't say we didn't try. =)

First up was Mamu with the grandkids...

Miley come back!
Ok, Miley's on the couch now. Sabe please sit still...
Hopeless! Poor Mamu trying to hold on to Sabe for dear life! HAHAHA super funny! =)

Ok, now it's my turn. Hopefully I can keep the kids in place just for one picture...

Sabe... please just one smile... then you can go!
Kids utang na loob...
Ayayay! Now mommy's getting mad na!

Hubby was buying something kasi earlier, so when he arrived, at least mas may chance to hold both kids down!

Ok, since they don't want to sit still, WACKY photo na lang!

But praise the Lord! We did manage to get a GOOD shot! Alleluia! =)

Haaay, can I just say I was so tired after this! Hahaha! Effort talaga to get decent family photos! But the bad ones are just as precious as the good ones since they're all memories you can treasure forever. =)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Photo of the Day: Winter Wear

We were at Mall of Asia the other day and happened to pass by Uniqlo. A whole lot of their winter stuff were on sale which was terribly tempting, but we have no plans of travelling anywhere cold soon so never mind. The next best thing to shopping? Trying on clothes! And my little mini me couldn't resist doing a fashion show for us! Adorable! =)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY Paper Christmas Trees

I had friends over for a Christmas dinner a few nights ago and decided to make a little something for the table. I came across this tutorial for paper Christmas trees and decided to try it out. =)

Since the trees are small, I just whipped out my leftover cartolina from my sunburst mirror and some wrapping paper.

I glued the wrapping paper to the cartolina to make it a sturdy base. Don't forget the back side as well.

After you've cut out your first tree shape, you can now use this as your template.

Then cut the shapes out!

Cut a slit in the top and bottom half of each pair of trees that meet in the middle.

Then just slip the trees together!

I used my trees as accents for my table setting. The tutorial I got this from placed a small star on top, so you can even use that as place cards by writing the name of your guest on the star. =)

Here's the entire table set-up for our dinner =)

I'm sure everyone's enjoying their own get-togethers and parties with Christmas so near! =)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Summer in December

Since the weather has been really nice these past couple of weeks, we decided to take the kids swimming! And what a super fun day it was. =)

Sabe's cute new swimsuit from Cotton On Kids
STOP drinking the water Miley!
early morning = the pool to ourselves!
Sabe was just SO happy the whole time, he couldn't contain himself! =)
Miley's first time to try the water slide. .. and definitely not the last!
Now it's Sabe's turn!
we have a little daredevil, he wants to do it by himself...
wheeee! what a brave boy!
time for snacks

In a few short months can you believe it will be summer all over again? =)


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