Sunday, December 16, 2012

DIY: How to make a Flower Picture Frame

Here's my latest DIY project, and probably the easiest one yet! I'm working on Miley's wall gallery and decided to spruce up one of the frames. Read on to find out how. =)

I bought this set of 3 round mirror frames from SM at P249.75. They come in different colors btw. I used the smallest size (5") for this project.

You can actually use it as a mirror or a frame. But if you display a photo, there's no glass that covers it which is just fine.

I found these foam popsicle sticks at National Bookstore for P39.50. They're about 6.5" long and really soft.

 I just cut the edges of the foam sticks for my petals...

Then I just used masking tape to stick them to the back of the frame. I alternated the light and dark pink colors for this one. And make sure you have already placed your picture inside since you won't be able to open the back part once you've placed the petals.

And here's my new flower frame! Cute right? And I just used double sided mounting tape once again to hang it on the wall (since the hanging hardware will be covered with the petals and masking tape as well anyways).

I spent less than 30 minutes doing this. Super easy! Now, I can't wait to show you the whole wall gallery once it's done. =)

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