Saturday, December 15, 2012

Color, Cut & Treatment at Hairport Central Salon

FYI, I hardly ever go to the salon. Thrice a year is probably the maximum for me. I don't know, I'm just not the type to have treatments done or even mani-pedis. If I can do it myself, why not save money and spend it elsewhere. That's why I end up trimming my own bangs and putting nail polish on myself. And there's really no point in changing my hairstyle every couple of months since I'm always at home anyways. ;p

The last time I went to the salon for a major hair fix was in February, when I bought a voucher from a group buying site for a cut, color, and treatment deal. Yes, it's been that long! Well, then I just had a trim a few months ago in one of the cheap salons here in BF for about P99 (I actually just wanted to get a blow-dry since I had a wedding to attend hehe).

Anyway, last week, I was finally itching to do something with my hair. I was thinking of getting a perm but then just decided to have my hair colored again to even out the roots. If you're familiar with the BF area, you know that there are so many salons to choose from. And since it's also December, there are a lot of Holiday promos ongoing as well.

One salon I pass by frequently is Hairport Central Salon. Their big banner at the front featuring "Special Gradient Packages" caught my eye. So I looked up their Facebook page to find out more about them and their other packages.

I believe these packages run until December only
these packages are available year round

I still wasn't sure if I was going for the Ombre (P950) or Pamper (P1300) package at first. But then I figured, my hair actually looks ombred already with my dark roots almost halfway the length of my hair. So better to just have everything colored. And besides, I asked and their Ombre package means that they will just color the bottom half your hair. So whatever color your hair is will stay as is on the top part. If you want them to also change the top half, you have to pay extra for the coloring of the roots. So it will more or less cost the same if you want coloring for your whole head of hair.

Anyway, here's some pics from my salon day. My first time getting a "dry shampoo" meaning the shampoo was placed on my dry hair while I was sitting down. And then of course rinsed after on the sink.

I was offered an iced tea and also a small snack. They have free wi-fi which is good since their magazines were a bit outdated. They gave me hair magazines and a Cosmo which was last year's issue.  Hopefully they stock up on the latest issues and more publications.

Some shots of the interior of the salon...

And here I am waiting for the color to set. They used a Korean brand hair dye and then an organic treatment for my hair.

And they also have a rewards system. So if any of you decide to try this salon, tell them Helene referred you hehe!

Now, here's a BEFORE picture of my hair. My dark roots were already really obvious as you can see from my ponytail shot...

And here's my hair AFTER! I'm really happy with the result although I did ask for a lighter shade (I even had a peg). It actually looks like they just evened out my color. I don't know why I can never get the exact shade I want. Well, probably because I don't go to those high-end salons haha! But at P1300, it was a good deal (although I didn't avail of the eyebrow arching included in the package anymore). The service was good and the salon was nice and clean.

Surprise! I got BANGS! What do you think? =)

Oh, I forgot to say, I also timed this salon visit since I had a wedding to attend to that night. I have a habit of doing that so I hit 2 birds with 1 stone. Sayang naman if your hair looks good then you have nowhere to go after right? ;p

at Hotel H2O with my date for the evening

Hairport Central Salon is located at G/F Triple W Homestore Building, President's Ave., BF Homes Paranaque City (4784677). They also have a new branch in Quezon Avenue at the Sun Shine Boulevard Plaza next to the BIR Office. Or check out their Facebook page for other details.


  1. ay ang cute mo. nakakabata talaga ang bangs!


  2. You look good with bangs but better if it was side bangs to balance your facial features. You might want to try Shear Design Salon beside Bytehead along Pres Ave. They are trained on Italian cutting and coloring. My sisters referred me to them.



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