Thursday, February 28, 2013

What I'm up to...

A little preview of my current DIY project... ;p So excited to share with you guys what it is! Stay tuned. =)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Photo of the Day: My boys

One of my favorite photos ever! So glad I was able to capture this moment with my 2 most favorite boys in the world! ;p

Parenting 101 Seminar

I saw this on Facebook and decided to share it here for those who are interested. =)

Inviting parents and even friends who are aspiring to be one. If you are a teacher, loves kids or part of a volunteer group for kids, this can help you as well. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Closet Clean-up (stage 1)

Sometimes, I just get that feeling that I have to do something NOW. My closet has been in a state of disarray since forever, plus I've always been meaning to put away clothes that don't fit or I don't use anymore. So one morning, when both kids were still asleep, the urge to fix my closet suddenly came over me and I finally got started on it...

Well, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. One thing I find hard to do is let go of things especially when there's a particular memory attached to it. I kept thinking "aww hubby bought this for me" or "I wore this when hubby and I went to this place, or during this event, or when we were on vacation...blah blah blah"  Or even if I know I probably won't wear something ever again, or it doesn't even fit me anymore, there's this little voice telling me "what if it goes back in style?" or "what if you need this in the future?" and so on and so forth... You get the idea.

I started with just my shirts and tops first (still have pants, skirts and dresses to do... and also shoes!) and at the end my organizing, I had like a small pile I was sure I didn't like anymore and a HUGE PILE I was on the fence about letting go. So in the end, I just kept that huge pile in the bodega. At least I've freed some closet space for now... Hmmm time to go shopping for new clothes? Hahaha kidding! ;p

Sunday, February 24, 2013

An afternoon at Nuvali

For Miley's actual birthday, my mother-in-law suggested that we go to Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I only knew about the restaurants and outlet shops in the area, and wasn't aware that they had other activities like fish feeding, boating and biking.

We checked out the different restaurants first like Pig-Out, Contis, Yellow Cab, Crisostomo, before deciding on Uncle Cheffy...

the grandparents couldn't resist a pictorial by this standee ;p
super yummy lunch!

After lunch, it was time to feed the fish! The kids were so excited that they didn't want to leave even though it was sooo hot (tip: bring an umbrella!). There were so many huge koi fish and they seemed to be starving since they were all crowding towards the feeding area haha!

Then, we decided to go boating which was pretty exciting since it was the kids first time to ride a boat!

water taxi
safety first, wear your lifevest!
excited first timers :)
another boat coming our way
look, it's a fountain!
view of some of the shops from the water

After, we decided to check out the outlet shops. I actually ended up buying shoes in Sebago at 50% off! Meanwhile, the kids had fun riding these mechanical animals outside Timezone.

We had such a fun day that we are definitely going back! I just love how there's something in Nuvali for every member of the family.

Anyway, here are the rates for the activities from their website:
     - Water Taxi Ride - P30/head/round trip
     - Fish Feed Bags - P15/bag
     - Bikes for rent - P60/hour

Operating Hours: 8am to 5:30pm daily

Saturday, February 23, 2013

More pics from Miley's 3rd birthday

Just sharing some more photos from our weekend celebration of Miley's birthday. This was during our weekly Sunday lunch at the house of hubby's lolo. I actually brought most of the stuff from the dessert table set-up at home here. And the best part? Another cake to blow candles off! Miley and Sabe just love it! ;p

So again, happy birthday to our dear Miley. Can't believe she's already 3 years old! Where did the time go? :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Home Decor and MORE from Zalora

While Zalora may be known more for being an online fashion store where you can get clothes, shoes and accessories, you may be surprised to know that they also carry a wide array of Home & Living products. So when I saw an email from Zalora asking me if I'd like to write about some of the stuff I like from their site, I didn't even need to think twice about it! I actually already have a mental checklist of some of my favorite items from repeatedly browsing their store. ;p

What I love about Zalora's Home & Living section is that they have a great assortment of brands and items ranging from storage, cooking & kitchen tools, bath, dining & entertaining, bed linens, rugs, and window treatments. They also have an impressive selection of pillows & throws, wall decor, lighting, candles & scents, and even pet accessories!

Anyway, here's my top picks from their site. I can't even begin to tell you how much I need these things in my life. Like NOW. ;p

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know how much I love throw pillow covers since they're such an easy and inexpensive way to change the way your room looks. Here's some of the gorgeous and trendy pillow covers they have online. I'm in love with all the prints and patterns!

Keep Calm throw pillows from ARQ Curtains (P499.75)

Made from 100% polyester. Dimension: 16x16 inches

EMPIRE HOME 16x16 Throw Pillow Cases (P466.75)

Made of cotton canvas with invisible zipper opening. (does not include a filler)


Throwpillow Cover with one-color print; hand silkscreened using water based non-toxic paint and has a back zip closure. Material is Cotton Polyester Blend Canvass. Size 18"x18". 

You know I can't resist a good picture frame when I see one. I really love these colorful ones which is just like what I used for my silhouette art.

SLIQUE Photo Frames (from P199)
4x6 / 5x7 / 8x10 photo frame set of 2. Made of plastic.

I'm currently obsessed with fixing my closet and putting everything in its rightful place. These organizers are just perfect for that.

AT HOME Scarf Organizer-ring (P299)
Features 12 rings that can hold and organize your scarves, belts, and other accessories. 

CHICTEES hanging pocket organizer (P499)

Features a 12-pocket jewelry organizer with hanger. Contrast piping. Foldable.

I love how cute these would look in the kids' room!

3 SPROUTS Storage Bin (P1950)

A bin sporting kid-friendly animal motif. It’s made of 100% cotton canvas, with polyethylene coating on the inside, and measures 17.5" in height and 17" in diameter.

TETROPACK Photostools (P2200)

Has stable wood-based panels made from recycled wood fibers. The panels feature high resolution digital prints, finished and protected with UV-hardening lacquer. Maximum load is 150 kg.

I love vintage looking pieces as well as anything floral so these items would look great in my bedroom or living room.

REGALONG PAMBAHAY Metal Planters (from P200-P350)

Made of square-tapered galvanized steel. It features a full decor of decoupage paper and acrylic paint.

Wastebasket Chinese Flowers from TETROPACK (P1700)

A trash bin that features Stable wood-based panels (MDF), furnished with high-resolution floral prints and protected by UV-hardening lacquer. Measures 41 cm (L) x 25.8 cm (W) x 25.8 cm (H). Made in Germany.

I love bold pops of color around the house so these clocks would be the perfect way to add some life to any wall.
NEXTIME Wall Clocks

I'm a big fan of anything quirky and Zalora has quite the collection of novelty items, travel accessories, planners and stationery. Here's some that I would love to give and receive as gifts.

Mr. Pepper & Mrs. Salt from QUIRKS NOVELTIES & CURIOSITIES (P695)
Available in green and red. 100% recyclable. Measures 4 (D) x 8.8cm (H). Imported from Thailand.

Famous Faces Travel Wallet/Card Holder (P200)
10.5 x 7 cm (folded size). 2 internal pockets for cards. Made of vinyl.

AUDREY-FLIP NOTE by Wellspring (P450)

A flip open notepad that comes with a pen. Made of metal. These are great for notes on-the-go as they fit snugly inside pockets, purses or briefcases. Each pad measures 4 3/8" height x 2 3/4" width. 

Anyway, what's also great about Zalora is the Cash on Delivery (COD) payment option they have for major cities in the Philippines. I for one prefer this, since you don't have to worry about giving your credit card details or even lose sleep over whether your items will get delivered or not after you've paid. Plus, they also offer FREE shipping for orders P1,000 and up (if you order less than P1,000 you’ll be charged a flat shipping fee of P100 for delivery to Luzon and P150 for delivery to Mindanao and the Visayas). And don't forget about the P250 introductory gift voucher when you sign up for the first time. So whether your looking for that perfect accessory to complete your outfit or your home, there are really so many reasons to start shopping at Zalora. ;p

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Instagram photo dump

I'll probably be posting Instagram pics once a month (my first one in January can be found here) just coz there's a lot of captured moments that I won't necessarily be dedicating a whole blog post to. Anyway, most of these photos are from hubby since he's the more active one in IG hehe. I still prefer using my camera kasi e (in fact, most of the pics I upload are actually camera shots which kinda defeats the purpose of Instagram haha). ;p

an afternoon at the park, right before the kids got sick!
Sabe as BOOTS from Dora or TED MOSBY from How I Met Your Mother
(if you watch the show, I'm sure you know the reference to the red cowboy boots ;p)
breakfast at our new garden set after the Condura Skyway Marathon
(hubby ran 21k in under 2 hours!)
look what we got from the ATM! #dlsufirst ;p
Miley finished her first 16 pc. puzzle all by herself!
the cookie monster strikes again!
while waiting for Miley to finish trial class...
behind the scenes arts & crafts for Miley's Hello Kitty party
Happy birthday to youuuuu...
Miley's birthday lunch at Grandpa's house
happy Sabe at Nuvali (I still have to post about our recent outing there)
Mustache Miley
and finally... David Pomeranz in G4!
We just happened to pass by his concert when we were at Glorietta last weekend for dinner ;p


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