Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cool DIY Duct Tape Projects

Before I made my own duct tape chevron table, I had no idea duct tape could be used for anything else other than packing and taping things together around the house. Or that it came in any other color other than gray.

Maybe it was my DIY inner goddess but I had the idea of using duct tape to do my chevron pattern before I discovered that it was indeed being used for countless other craft projects (yes, I can be a visionary like that ;p).

The night before I did my project, I just randomly searched for "diy duct tape table" online just to check if it had been done before and to see if I wasn't actually crazy for thinking about putting duct tape over a table (just like hubby said). And voila! Out popped all these amazing arts and crafts stuff that made use of yes, duct tape. I swear, it was a life changing moment for me haha! I mean who would think that you could use duct tape to make accessories or bags?! Amazeballs!

I guess it helps that duct tape now comes in all these cool colors and patterns. Although I don't think they have the printed ones here in the Philippines. If they did, I think I'd go crazy panic buying! ;p

Anyway, here are some of my favorite projects that I found all over the blogosphere. If this is your first time to be introduced to duct tape as being used for arts and crafts, then prepare to be inspired and amazed! You won't believe the things you can actually make with it. Click on the link below each photo for the full tutorials. Enjoy! =)


lamp shade
pillow covers
chevron chair
diamond wall decor


iPhone Case
phone case
iPad covers

beach tote bag
patterned clutch
color blocked clutch


canvas artwork
tumbling block art
silhouette art


rosette accessories
feather earrings


gift bags


bracelets & wands
fun masks for kids

Here's also a tutorial on how to cut duct tape. Like I said in my previous post when I made my chevron table, using scissors to cut duct tape for projects like these will get you nowhere. The tape is just super sticky so it will end up sticking to the blade and to each other. I swear, it's not pretty. Anyway, without finding this tutorial, I would have probably given up on my first attempt with duct tape. ;p


Now don't you just want to run to the nearest store to buy a roll of duct tape? =)

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