Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Our U.S. Tourist Visa Application & Interview Experience (2019)

I don't know why, but applying for a U.S. Visa has always been met with apprehension and dread for most people. I guess it's because there's an actual interview, which of course can be quite nerve-wracking. Plus all the horror stories you hear of people getting denied with no explanation.

I got my first visa before but I was still a kid then, and the last time I went to the States was when I was a teen. I never bothered applying on my own after that. But of course, now that I have my own family, having a U.S. vacation is something we want to do. Plus, my in-laws migrated to the States two years ago so they've been pressuring us to bring the kids there lol. So anyway, sharing with you how we applied for our Tourist or B1/B2 Visitor Visa.


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