Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY: My first spray painting project

Have you ever gotten that feeling that you needed to do something right now? As in it couldn't wait any longer, you had to do it, NOW NA. I had that feeling the other day and got the urge to finally paint the table you see below. I've actually had this wrought iron table since we moved in last year. I got it from a moving out sale a neighbor had, and its been sitting in our house looking like this, paint peeling and all, for the longest time.

When I first saw this table, I was immediately drawn to its intricate details. I knew instantly it had potential and I couldn't wait to paint it a bright, bold color to make it look new again. But it would take me 6 months to do anything about it.

I was torn between the colors turquoise or purple, but in the end, purple won (it has always been my favorite color). I actually bought this can of spray paint for P140 at Home Depot last December pa!

Anyway, as I was saying, when we got home the other day, I just knew I needed to paint this table asap. Vins was asking me if it could just wait until tomorrow but I said no, I had to do it now otherwise I might wait another couple of months again. It was so funny because I was so eager to get started, I didn't even change into pambahay clothes. I started working, wearing what I wore to the mall earlier haha. I didn't even waste time to look for a bandana or mask to cover my face (I did end up using a cloth headband later on). Another boo-boo was that I realized midway through that I didn't even wipe the table clean! I was spray painting when I saw cobwebs under the table and in the sides hahaha!

This was my first time working with spray paint and it has its own pros and cons. Pros - even coverage, Cons - the smell was really strong (I'm not sure if it was the type of spray paint I bought). I ran out of paint towards the end though (ang konti pala ng laman ng 1 can) but the parts I missed were not noticeable in the back.

Anyway, here's a before shot again of the table...

... and here it is AFTER!

I can't tell you how in love I am with this table right now. The color is GORGEOUS!!! Now this table is part of a set. It comes with 4 chairs and 2 bigger tables. Considering how well this turned out, I can't wait to color the other pieces as well! Hopefully within this year? ;p

Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Picture Company Shoot

One of the gifts we got during Sabe's baptism was a 1-year membership to the Picture Company. Now, I've been partial to the Stork Studio, but of course I've always been interested to try out other studios as well. Part of the membership perks was a free 5x7 photo during birthdays and anniversaries. Since our wedding anniversary and Miley's birthday were in the same month, we had 2 free pics!

As usual, it was such a riot getting the kids to pose together or sit still long enough for a family shot. But at least we were able to get a nice photo each. Since we only had 2 free pictures, we paid extra for Sabe's photo (P990 which included an 8x10 and 2 wallet size print-outs).

Side kwento lang. We went to the Alabang Town Center branch, and there was actually a mix up when I claimed the pictures. I didn't realize until I got home that they gave me the print-outs of the free 5x7 photos instead of the digital files. It clearly states in the website that they'll give you the digital files, but when I called to clarify, they said I had asked for the print-outs daw (ha?!). So, I had to return the print-outs first before they could give me the files. Oh well, hassle going back there but at least the photos were nice.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy 11th month Sabe!

How time flies. Sabe turned 11 months last March 20. That's one more month until his 1st birthday!

we actually forgot to buy a candle, so I just arranged the cupcakes to form the number 11 =)
Sabe's newest trick - sticking out his tongue! BEH!
he does it all the time now! ;p

P.S. - Still working on so much stuff for Sabe's birthday party! DIY galore!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Panic buying at the SM 3-day sale

Last March 16-18 was the SM Makati 3-day sale. I was introduced to this sale by my mom last year and I was not impressed at first. I hate it when they say up to 70% off (take note of the words "up to" and the fine print "on selected items only") and when you get there, most of the nice stuff are not even on sale. But what was different about this, for those not familiar, is when you're an SM Advantage cardholder, you get an additional 10% off everything from 10am to 12 noon on the first day (Friday). Plus, when you use your BDO credit card, you get an additional 5% rebate. And you can avail of the 3 months 0% interest installment plan for purchases above P5000.

Our target is to buy everything within the 2-hour opening period since that's where you get the biggest savings. We jokingly call it "The Amazing Race" since there's usually a crowd waiting outside the mall before opening time, all ready to pounce once the door opens haha! Our strategy is to go to SM a day before the sale on Thursday and start checking out the stuff we want to buy. Usually, the 2-hour window for the additional 10% off gets crazy, with super long lines and agitated customers (I've experienced people fighting with each other in line several times already haha). So to make it easier, you can actually have the stuff you want to buy reserved already on Thursday and you can just get it and pay for it on Friday.

Anyway, I've been eyeing quite a few items in SM before already that I've been holding off on buying. I've been very patient, waiting for the sale so that I can really save a lot and buy in bulk. If you're not in a rush, you should definitely wait especially when buying furniture because the discounts are huge! Anyway, here are some of the items I was able to get and I couldn't be happier!

I've been wanting to buy this abaca rug for the longest time and I'm glad I waited for the sale. From P8600 it was 50% off, and with the additional 10% discount and 5% rebate, it became P3600! What a steal!

I wanted to add more life and color to our living room and I thought putting plants might do the trick. I got this for about P1300.

Bought more decorative plants and vases...

They had so many nice artworks (framed and on canvass) I wanted to buy them all! But Audrey Hepburn will forever be one of my favorite prints.

Placemats and tablecloths. Again, if you're willing to wait, buying the small items together with all your other stuff during the sale can really save you a lot.


Acrylic food containers, both stylish and practical...

Shower curtains at just P100 each (I also bought the curtain rod and hooks)...

I love how gorgeous this curtain print is! I was having second thoughts about buying this since I know how Vins just likes plain stuff, but I knew I would regret it if I didn't get this. Plus, it was 50% off!

Another cute curtain find, just P500 for 2 panels!

One of the busiest sections during the sale is the beddings department since they give great discounts on comforter sets. I already bought comforters during the last sale, so I just settled for nice linens. Be mindful of the material and thread count though. I bought sheets for just P250 a set last time but as expected, the quality wasn't so nice. So this time, I made sure the sheets were soft even though they were a bit more expensive. I realized that you should invest on nice quality sheets since these are things you use everyday.

I also bought clothes for the kids, a hairdryer, and a dress. My mom got a barbeque grill, an electric fan, bedsheets and kitchen stuff as well. What was crazy is how we managed to fit everything inside our car haha! The multiple trips to the parking lot was insane!

Now just a heads up, SM MOA will be having their 3-day sale this March 30 -April 1. I don't even want to go since I'll just be tempted to buy more stuff! But the writing desk I was planning to buy in SM Makati wasn't available so I might just take a peek and see what they have in stock... ;p

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our new bedroom wall

I once got obsessed with wall stickers and hoarded them like there was no tomorrow. I bought several from Multiply, in bazaars, and finally in Bangkok where they were selling them for less than half the price I paid online (grrrrr!). What I loved about them is that you can make such a big difference in a room without having to paint or put holes in your walls.

Anyway, I had so many designs to choose from that I couldn't decide which ones to use (labo noh?). Well, when we moved into our home, I finally got the chance to use this pole wire decal to spice up our boring bedroom wall.

It took me the whole morning to stick them (keeping those thin lines straight were a bit tricky) but the end result was worth it!

Now off to find more places to stick the other wall decals I have! ;p

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back in Timezone

The last time I was in Timezone was years ago. I remember when Vins was still courting me back in college, we went to Timezone in G4 and battled with each other on the basketball game haha. Anyway, when I got older, I hated going or even passing by Timezone since I found it so noisy and magulo. Well, now that I have kids, I think I have to get used to going back there since Miley and Sabe love it!

This is by far their favorite game, the one where you put the balls inside the mouth of the hippo. Its so funny since all of us (my mom, sister, yaya, and me) tried to help them shoot the balls then we ended up with just 7 tickets! Rip-off!!!

My little taxi babies. At this rate, they might even learn to drive before me!

Playing Deal or No Deal. We placed Sabe on the seat and he was so sleepy by this time that he was actually dozing off already haha!

Well, nothing has changed in Timezone. It's still as loud and noisy as ever and with the prize you get with the amount of tickets you won, well let's just say its cheaper to buy the actual prize. But what's priceless is seeing the kids so excited playing the games. Miley was so hyper she kept running around not knowing which game to play first. So I guess this means I'll be spending my weekends in Timezone for the next 10 years? ;p

Future shopaholic

We went to SM Makati last weekend (my post on their big 3-day sale to follow) and I found my little Miley rummaging in the hats section trying on one hat after the other!

what to choose, what to choose...

hmmm, how does this one look?

maybe the bright blue?

or how about this one?

 My gosh! And she's just 2 years old! All I can say is, like mother like daughter. =)

Mmmagnum ice cream

Finally got to taste the Magnum ice cream bar that everyone's been talking about. I actually just found one in the freezer in my mom's house. My sister came looking for it after pero too late, I ate it na haha!

I believe I actually tasted this ice cream way before and all I remember is that it's expensive. But since I see so many people posting about it on Facebook, ayan makikiuso na rin ako.

As you can see I tried the Chocolate Truffle flavor, and well... normal lang siya. It is good but nothing special for me. Its Belgian chocolate, but I don't know, it tastes like ordinary chocolate to me.

So there, I finally got it out of my system. At least now I can say I've tried it already. Although buti na lang libre because I definitely think its overpriced and overrated haha. ;p

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore!

Of course, a trip to Singapore nowadays would not be complete without going to Universal Studios! Actually, I've already been here before during our company outing in 2010 but it was pretty new so some rides still weren't open. Plus, Vins hadn't been here yet so we had to go.

We went on a Monday thinking that we were going to have the whole park to ourselves. One of my best friends from high school who is now based in SG came with us (she's actually been to Universal soooo many times since she always accompanies friends who visit). When we arrived, there were so many people! Turns out it was a school holiday haha! But that didn't stop up from having fun. =)

Of course, first up was the newest ride Transformers 3D. The line was about 40 minutes long but we were so excited we hardly noticed it.

Next was Battlestar Galactica. Now, you have to understand - I HATE ROLLERCOASTERS. Vins is the exact opposite of me, he once rode Space Shuttle in EK 30 times in 1 day back in high school. So of course, they were pressuring me to get on this thing. Well, I didn't want to be a bore and besides I wanted to try everything at least once. So off I went and of course we had to sit in the front row pa... but I survived! The ride is actually 2 rollercoasters - Cylon (blue) and Human (red). We first rode the blue one since my friend said it was scarier haha! Your feet are actually dangling from the seat which I think made it worse. But in fairness, the ride was so smooth I actually even found the courage to open my eyes at some point. I think its because the seats and harness were so comfy, not like in Space Shuttle where you feel your whole body being jerked and twisted around. But I was screaming the whole entire time (you should have seen my picture after!). In the red one, you're seated normally but there are parts where the ride zooms so fast! I actually don't know which one is worse. Vins rode this like 5 more times by himself! So sulit na un entrance fee namin. ;p

We practically rode all the rides and tried to get our picture taken with most of the characters we saw. Here are just some of the highlights from that day.

It was great feeling like a kid again! I can't wait until the kids are older and we can bring them here so they can enjoy all the rides too. =)


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