Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Picture Company Shoot

One of the gifts we got during Sabe's baptism was a 1-year membership to the Picture Company. Now, I've been partial to the Stork Studio, but of course I've always been interested to try out other studios as well. Part of the membership perks was a free 5x7 photo during birthdays and anniversaries. Since our wedding anniversary and Miley's birthday were in the same month, we had 2 free pics!

As usual, it was such a riot getting the kids to pose together or sit still long enough for a family shot. But at least we were able to get a nice photo each. Since we only had 2 free pictures, we paid extra for Sabe's photo (P990 which included an 8x10 and 2 wallet size print-outs).

Side kwento lang. We went to the Alabang Town Center branch, and there was actually a mix up when I claimed the pictures. I didn't realize until I got home that they gave me the print-outs of the free 5x7 photos instead of the digital files. It clearly states in the website that they'll give you the digital files, but when I called to clarify, they said I had asked for the print-outs daw (ha?!). So, I had to return the print-outs first before they could give me the files. Oh well, hassle going back there but at least the photos were nice.


  1. nakakatuwang basahin ang blog mo :) i'm 7 mos pregnant with my first baby after 6 years of trying! bedrest since day 1, reading mommy blogs has been my escape from boredom (i had to resign bec of my condition). i'm glad i discovered your blog (thru mommy fleur's blog, i think). i particularly like your entries on your travels with the kids as i look forward to travelling with her (yes, it's a girl!) kapag pede na and i love looking at the pix, para na rin akong nakatravel :) continue blogging!

  2. Thank you so much for reading and liking my blog! Congratulations on your pregnancy and I'm sure you'll have so much fun with your baby girl when she arrives. =)

  3. beautiful family!
    sobrang aliw that you and your hubby have mini-me's

  4. Thank you! Yes it's so funny that Miley looks exactly like me especially when I was a baby, and Sabe is an exact replica of his dad naman! Mini-me's talaga! :)



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