Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY: My first spray painting project

Have you ever gotten that feeling that you needed to do something right now? As in it couldn't wait any longer, you had to do it, NOW NA. I had that feeling the other day and got the urge to finally paint the table you see below. I've actually had this wrought iron table since we moved in last year. I got it from a moving out sale a neighbor had, and its been sitting in our house looking like this, paint peeling and all, for the longest time.

When I first saw this table, I was immediately drawn to its intricate details. I knew instantly it had potential and I couldn't wait to paint it a bright, bold color to make it look new again. But it would take me 6 months to do anything about it.

I was torn between the colors turquoise or purple, but in the end, purple won (it has always been my favorite color). I actually bought this can of spray paint for P140 at Home Depot last December pa!

Anyway, as I was saying, when we got home the other day, I just knew I needed to paint this table asap. Vins was asking me if it could just wait until tomorrow but I said no, I had to do it now otherwise I might wait another couple of months again. It was so funny because I was so eager to get started, I didn't even change into pambahay clothes. I started working, wearing what I wore to the mall earlier haha. I didn't even waste time to look for a bandana or mask to cover my face (I did end up using a cloth headband later on). Another boo-boo was that I realized midway through that I didn't even wipe the table clean! I was spray painting when I saw cobwebs under the table and in the sides hahaha!

This was my first time working with spray paint and it has its own pros and cons. Pros - even coverage, Cons - the smell was really strong (I'm not sure if it was the type of spray paint I bought). I ran out of paint towards the end though (ang konti pala ng laman ng 1 can) but the parts I missed were not noticeable in the back.

Anyway, here's a before shot again of the table...

... and here it is AFTER!

I can't tell you how in love I am with this table right now. The color is GORGEOUS!!! Now this table is part of a set. It comes with 4 chairs and 2 bigger tables. Considering how well this turned out, I can't wait to color the other pieces as well! Hopefully within this year? ;p


  1. Wow, it's beautiful! Yes, I always get that feeling, I can't sleep...

    Take care!

  2. gorgeous indeed!
    i really enjoy your blog, helene!
    happy easter!



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