Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY: Decorating with paper pom poms

Remember the paper pom-poms I made for Miley's party here? Well, I didn't want to throw them away since they looked so pretty plus I spent time and effort making them. So what did I do with them? TA-DA!!! I used them to decorate Miley's room by hanging them all up in a bunch in one corner. I love how it instantly adds so much color and fun to the space!

I've been seeing photos of paper pom-poms in nurseries and kids rooms online and I've always wanted to try it. I'm so glad it turned out exactly how I pictured it. For less than P100, look at the statement this makes!

I love how these paper pom-poms have so many uses. Depending on the size, you can use them as party decors, table centerpieces, napkin rings, or even as a mobile for your baby. So go ahead and be creative! The best part is, they're so inexpensive and easy to do. Here are some of my favorite inspirations and ideas:



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