Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eyelash extensions

Vins' cousin is opening a new brow salon soon and she conducted a test run on all the girls a while ago during Sunday lunch. She brought her staff and the house was converted into a sort of mini salon where you could have your pick of whatever service you wanted - threading, tweezing, waxing galore!

I actually have very light and thin eyebrows so no need to remove hair there. What I wanted to try were eyelash extensions. I actually don't use mascara because I hate it when I get raccoon eyes after a long day. And I don't even bother using an eyelash curler since my lashes are so short and thin anyway (no effect talaga). So extensions are perfect since you get the same dramatic effect without any effort. I wasn't able to bring my camera though so I don't have a before shot of my eyelashes. Just imagine them being short and straight and extremely boring.

Anyway, the semi-permanent eyelash extensions were applied individually by hand for that natural look. I think the whole thing lasted about an hour and a half and I actually fell asleep for most of it. After, my lashes looked like this!

BONGGA diba? I couldn't get over how nice, full and long my lashes look. Its like I have mascara on 24/7! And it doesn't feel any different. I actually catch myself scratching my eyes sometimes completely forgetting I have extensions on. They say it will last 2-4 weeks with proper care. I had a hard time tuloy washing my face kanina since I didn't want to get them wet for fear they would fall off haha! It didn't by the way. ;p

I wish my lashes could stay like this forever! So for those of you who want to get groomed and styled this summer, watch out for the opening of the new Brow House salon in Mall of Asia this May 15. =)

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