Monday, April 23, 2012

Jelly belly back

Miley's favorite plaything these days are those clingy jelly stickers you place on your glass doors or windows. She can spend hours just arranging and rearranging those things in her room...

I love how she sings the alphabet whenever she plays with the letters. Fun and educational too!

I was afraid to let her play with these at first because she might eat them, but surprisingly she doesn't. She just likes touching and feeling the jelly (but of course, parental supervision is still needed). Sabe keeps wanting to play with them too but he keeps ripping them apart and putting them in his mouth!

Anyway, I was sitting in their kiddie table watching videos with Sabe while Miley was playing when I suddenly felt something cold and gooey on my back... looks like Miley found a new place to stick those jellies!

 good thing Vins was there to take pics of the artist in action
sorry for the mahalay look, Miley needed more space for the jellies haha ;p
the finished work of art!

I hated the gooey sticky feeling (reminds me of worms haha) but who am I to get in the way of creativity? =)

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