Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sabe's 1st haircut at Cuts 4 Tots

Since Sabre already turned one, it was now time for him to get his 1st haircut! Well, he doesn't really have that much hair to begin with, but it could use some style. =)

We went to Cuts 4 Tots in Glorietta but Sabe was still in the middle of his nap when we arrived. After deliberating if we should cut his hair while he was sleeping or not (since we weren't sure if he would make a fuss), we just decided to come back when he woke up.

ready to ride his race car
putting on his salon cape
with the nervous and excited mom!

After deciding on the style, we were asked to pick a video for Sabe to watch while they were cutting his hair (we chose Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). But the video and race car were not enough to distract Sabe as he kept turning around and touching his head everytime the shaver went near it! Good thing the staff were prepared as they have all kinds of toys and gimmicks to keep the kids still. Sabe was finally entertained with... bubbles! I think the whole salon was filled with bubbles since Sabe didn't want the girl to stop blowing them haha!

About halfway through, he wanted to stand up already so I just carried him while they finished his haircut. Of course, the bubbles were still there to save the day!

Anyway, here is Sabe's hair BEFORE...

And here it is AFTER!

Introducing Mr. Shaolin Sabre, with his new mohawk!

The cut cost P295 and they were also offering a "baby's 1st haircut certificate" for an additional P195. This comes with a before and after photo and a lock of hair. I decided not to get the certificate (sorry kuripot talaga ;p) since I had a camera anyways. And besides, I was still able to get a lock of hair as a keepsake. They also offered a membership discount card that entitles members to a 10% discount on all kiddie services, valid for one year. Plus, they have products on sale too like anti-bug spray and styling gel for kids (this we bought hehe).

satisfied customer

I'm so proud of Sabe for being so well behaved. I was kinda preparing myself for some kicking and screaming but he proved me wrong. Even the staff said he was such a good boy. And I just love his new hair, it really suits his personality! =)

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