Saturday, April 14, 2012


Celebrated the birthday of Vins' lolo at Kimpura in Greenbelt 5 last week. It was a great dinner since the food was cooked in front of us, hibachi style.

This reminded me so much of the How I Met Your Mother episode where the gang goes to Shinjitsu and Barney makes a bet with Marshall and Lily that he can do all of the hibachi stuff. I kept waiting for the chefs to do the shrimp in the pocket move haha!

Miley was so amazed with all the cooking going on...

RICE, my favorite!!! Unfortunately, my cam died shortly hereafter so I have no pics of the other food while they were being cooked. But the fish, steak, and chicken were all soooo good!

 Happy birthday Grandpa and may you have many more to come! =)

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