Friday, April 20, 2012

Our little boy turns 1 (Sabre's birth story)

Today is Sabre's 1st birthday! I still remember the whole journey of being pregnant with him. If you read my posts before, you'll know that we didn't really plan on having a baby so soon after Miley. Sure we wanted more kids but we were thinking of maybe waiting a year or two. But I guess God had plans for us because I was pregnant with Sabe 6 months after I gave birth to Miley. We were nervous and excited at the same time. Excited because we would be giving Miley a sibling and a playmate (more so when we found out we were having a boy!) and nervous because we were still getting the hang of being parents and now we would have two babies to take care of!

Being pregnant for the second time was easier and yet it wasn't. It was also very different than the first. With Miley, I was so health conscious. All I wanted to eat were fruits like grapes and melons. With Sabe, I couldn't stop eating chocolate! I kept drinking Chocolait and eating Hershey's Kisses. I'm not a believer of your baby ending up looking like whatever you made him or her "lihi" to. But my mom swears that's why Sabe is darker than Miley haha! Hmmm, sige I won't be eating chocolate if ever I get pregnant again! ;p I was working all throughout this pregnancy as well and all I remember was that I had such a difficult time moving around. With Miley, I was still so active all the way until I went into labor. With Sabe, I found it so painful to walk or even turn around in bed that I just wanted to sit or sleep and do nothing.

The day before I gave birth, I was feeling so much pain and pressure on the lower part of my abdomen. I didn't feel this way with Miley so i went to my OB-GYN in the morning. Upon giving me an internal exam, she found out I was 1 cm dilated and instructed me to just keep walking around and come back at night. Even though it was torture to move, I went to Glorietta and went shopping haha! I just wanted to give birth already!

right before going to the hospital

We went to the hospital at around 10 pm. Everybody kept telling me that giving birth the 2nd time around would be a breeze, that labor wouldn't be as long as the first. Well, I was still in labor for about 10 hours! I had an epidural like before but my anesthesolgist this time was so good! I didn't feel it when he placed he needle at all and he kept me comfortable the whole time.Worth every penny we paid him. Anyway, even my doctor was puzzled why it was taking so long since I was dilating pretty well and then I stopped at around 6cm. I was stuck there for a couple of hours (they would find out later on when I pushed Sabe out that there was a cord coil around his neck, thankfully it wasn't serious). Finally at around 9am, they said I was ready to push...

Our baby boy Sabre Cael was born on April 20 at 9:16 am weighing 7 lbs. 5 oz. Our little family has now grown and was now more complete than ever.

I remember the first time Miley saw Sabe. She kept looking and pointing at him and saying "baby!"  It was like she knew instantly that this was her baby brother because she's been so sweet, gentle, and protective of him ever since he was born. No jealousy, just pure love.

Well, Sabe is indeed the baby of the family for now and I cant believe he's now 1! I keep reminding myself to cherish each and ever moment with the kids because pretty soon they'll be all grown up.

I'm sure before I know it, Sabe will be a young man, going out with friends, dating, working... But for now, he's just my baby, my little angel who'll probably grow up to be a mama's boy. =)

We love you so much Sabe! Now, I can't wait to finally celebrate his party. A labor of love indeed!

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