Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mmmagnum ice cream

Finally got to taste the Magnum ice cream bar that everyone's been talking about. I actually just found one in the freezer in my mom's house. My sister came looking for it after pero too late, I ate it na haha!

I believe I actually tasted this ice cream way before and all I remember is that it's expensive. But since I see so many people posting about it on Facebook, ayan makikiuso na rin ako.

As you can see I tried the Chocolate Truffle flavor, and well... normal lang siya. It is good but nothing special for me. Its Belgian chocolate, but I don't know, it tastes like ordinary chocolate to me.

So there, I finally got it out of my system. At least now I can say I've tried it already. Although buti na lang libre because I definitely think its overpriced and overrated haha. ;p


  1. haha, good thing you got to it first. I want to try it too, but really, it IS overpriced. I'll just buy truffle ice cream for that P50.

    1. yes exactly! at least the truffle ice cream will last longer pa. =)



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