Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm a genie in Chinatown

Wearing my genie pants which Vins finds absolutely weird! He kept making fun of me for wearing this the whole day haha. But who cares, I just love how it makes a statement especially with the bow at the waist. Plus it's so easy and comfy to wear since we went to Chinatown and it was super hot! ;p

pants: SM
bangles: Chinatown; rings: F21; watch: Anne Klein

When in Singapore, Chinatown is the place to buy souvenirs or pasalubong. I remember buying magnets somewhere else for 3 for $10. Then, we saw the magnets being sold in Chinatown for like $1 each!


  1. Hi Helene! Have followed your blog since I visited it to see Miley's Jungle party (super nice party! Galing!) Love your outfit, love the genie pants! See you around =)

    1. Hi Ana! Super thanks for reading and for liking my outfit. =)



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