Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back in Timezone

The last time I was in Timezone was years ago. I remember when Vins was still courting me back in college, we went to Timezone in G4 and battled with each other on the basketball game haha. Anyway, when I got older, I hated going or even passing by Timezone since I found it so noisy and magulo. Well, now that I have kids, I think I have to get used to going back there since Miley and Sabe love it!

This is by far their favorite game, the one where you put the balls inside the mouth of the hippo. Its so funny since all of us (my mom, sister, yaya, and me) tried to help them shoot the balls then we ended up with just 7 tickets! Rip-off!!!

My little taxi babies. At this rate, they might even learn to drive before me!

Playing Deal or No Deal. We placed Sabe on the seat and he was so sleepy by this time that he was actually dozing off already haha!

Well, nothing has changed in Timezone. It's still as loud and noisy as ever and with the prize you get with the amount of tickets you won, well let's just say its cheaper to buy the actual prize. But what's priceless is seeing the kids so excited playing the games. Miley was so hyper she kept running around not knowing which game to play first. So I guess this means I'll be spending my weekends in Timezone for the next 10 years? ;p

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