Thursday, March 8, 2012

My first yoga experience

My mother-in-law invited me to try a bikram yoga class last week. Actually, to be honest, I've never even been remotely interested in yoga before. Not even when all my friends started going to classes and raving about it. But since one of my resoultions for this year include trying out new things, I gamely said yes. =)

here I am waiting for the class to start...

The class was held inside our village (the yoga instructor had a studio in her house), so I felt that the experience was cozier and much more intimate. We were 10 in the class (9 girls and 1 guy) with ages ranging from 20 to 50+. I used to imagine that bikram yoga was only done by people with toned and perfect bodies who wore practically nothing so it was great to see a diverse group with different body types in the class. It made it less intimidating for a first timer like me.

The studio was heated (which helps with the stretching) so we were all sweating buckets 10 minutes into the class. At first, we wanted to stay in the back of the room (shy kasi haha) but then the instructor moved us into the front since the heaters were in the back and it might be too hot for us beginners. Well, it was a 90 minute class but I barely felt it since I enjoyed it so much! I was surprised that I could really keep up and do the poses. I even loved the heat since I felt like I was really cleansing my body from all the toxins. It was funny though since I actually brought Gatorade to drink, and at the end of the class the instructor told me that drinking Gatorade was a major no-no (only water please)! Anyway, I thought that after doing the class I'd be so tired, but it was actually the opposite. I felt so energized and refreshed!

I'm really happy I did try this out. Now I know why so many people are getting into yoga. For sure, I'm definitely coming back. =)

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