Sunday, February 17, 2013

Buffet 101 (MOA branch)

I finally got to eat in Buffet 101 a few weeks ago with hubby and some friends. I made a reservation for Sunday lunch a week in advance since I know it can get pretty full.

I haven't eaten in Vikings yet so I can't compare the 2. But according to my friends, it seems like Vikings has more food but the ambiance and layout of Buffet 101 is better. And I have to say I really liked how the place looked. It was very spacious and clean (including the restrooms) and even though there were a lot of people, it somehow didn't feel crowded.

eating time!
hors d'oeuvre
cold cuts
meat carving station (they cook your steak and bring it to your table)
fresh seafood
more food!
fresh fruit shakes (I had 4 mango juices!)
hubby's favorite part - the unlimited BEER!
dessert station
chocolate fountain and ice cream

We had a good 3 hour meal and we were so STUFFED after! Like I think I gained 10 pounds from that lunch! Take note that if you pay in cash, you get a 5% discount on your total bill. Anyway, can't wait to try Vikings as well hopefully soon. Or maybe eat here in Buffet 101 again, but for dinner, so we can really take advantage of the unlimited drinks like the wine and beer. ;p

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