Friday, February 15, 2013

DIY Dessert Table

Sharing some of the tips and tricks I did in making the dessert table for Miley's Hello Kitty Valentine themed birthday party.

Like I said in my previous post, this was my first attempt at making a dessert table. And I got lots of inspiration from gorgeous set-ups from other blogs and Pinterest. I was so lucky to have so many of the things I used in this party just lying around the house. I guess it was also the colors of red and white which made it so easy to work with - most of the stuff I used were leftovers from Christmas (like my tablecloth).

Anyway, I'm by no means an expert, but I hope that by reading this post you get inspired as I did and also find some useful tips to help you in your next party. =)


The question I get asked the most is how I make the cupcake toppers. You can see how I made them HERE for Miley's 2nd birthday party. Basically, I do the layout in photoshop, print on cardboard paper, and CUT THE CIRCLES MANUALLY. Haha that's right, I cut each and every single round topper by hand. Imagine I had to do about 100 pieces for Sabe's 1st birthday! What I really want to get is the big paper puncher (like this) but I haven't been able to find one so far. Does anyone know where to get one here in Manila? ;p

Anyway, I just tape the toppers to toothpicks using masking tape and stick them on the cupcakes. Tada!


For this particular banner, I bought red felt paper and cut out my buntings. I then printed the letters separately on bond paper, cut them out, and glued them on top of the red felt. The Hello Kitty image in the center is printed on cardboard paper.

I used masking tape to stick the buntings to leftover gift wrapping ribbon...

And again used masking tape to hang it on the wall. I added the hearts at the end to cover all the masking tape mess. ;p


This is probably the easiest way to add a little pizzazz to your otherwise plain cake. If you don't want to spend on a customized cake that will set you back a couple of thousands, just buy a regular one (ours was from Cielin's Cakehouse and cost only P360) then add a cake bunting.

I used scraps from my red felt paper banner and cut out mini hearts. Then, I stuck them to my thread using masking tape and tied both ends to the barbeque sticks. You can even add your child's small toys to further tie it to the theme. I placed a small Hello Kitty figurine from Miley's toy box and viola! Our very own customized party cake!


Don't forget your table when decorating! I cut out hearts from colored cartolina and again used masking tape to stick them to leftover gift wrapping ribbon. If you don't have a wall behind your buffet table, you can just place the greeting (your child's name, "Happy Birthday", or whatever type of celebration your having) on the table buntings.

can you spot the birthday girl?
there she is!


I placed all the candies and goodies in clear glass containers I had around the house. But they needed a little something extra so I decided to jazz them up with recycled Christmas wrapping paper. Winner!

It was a good thing I had a polka dots design which worked well with my striped tablecloth. So I just cut it up into strips and stuck it around my containers using double sided tape.

I also stuck some of the cupcake toppers to the jars, which can also be used as food labels. Oh, and if you're wondering if I placed stickers on ALL the Kisses, the you must be nuts! Hahaha! Sorry to disappoint but I only placed stickers on about 20 of them, most of which you can see. I strategically placed them around the edges so it will look good in the photos *wink wink*. Secrets of a stylist! ;p


I was thinking of the best way to display the lollipops in a standing position so the hearts could be seen nicely. And then I remembered my DIY sports table centerpiece! I emptied a glass vase I had from the living room, covered it with my polka dots wrapping paper, and filled it with cut out styrofoam circles (again leftovers from Sabe's party!). After, just stick the lollipops in!


One thing I noticed from checking out other dessert table photos online is you need different levels and heights when displaying your goodies just to make it more interesting to look at.

Just as I was set to buy some boxes from National Bookstore, our yaya literally came into the room and asked me if she could already throw out some of the kids' old shoeboxes. Lightbulb! It was really meant to be! The boxes were the exact size I needed (and they were free! yes!). Since I wanted them to blend with my tablecloth, I wrapped them in striped gift wrapping paper also leftover from Christmas. I swear, everything came together for this set-up. The tablecloth is actually 3 yards of cloth I bought in Divisoria some time ago. It was just a blessing I had the matching wrappers on hand. You'd really be surprised at the things you'll find lying around your house!

Who would guess you actually have shoeboxes on your table? Haha! I was also lucky to buy this set of 4 jars at True Value for 50% off (just P300!) which came in different sizes.


I used the leftover bowls I had from Sabe's DIY sports table centerpiece and applied the same principle of filling it with styrofoam. I also covered it with my striped gift wrapping paper to blend in with the tablecloth.

Then just stick your balloons in!

So again, here are just some general tips in making your own DIY dessert table:
- Stick with your color combination.
- Use glass containers and/or all white plates. It makes it look more professional.
- Create depth in your display by using different sized containers and boxes for height.
- Buy some nice cake / cupcake stands.
- Try to see what you have lying around the house before buying anything. You'll be surprised at what you find!
- Masking tape is your best friend.
- If you feel stuck on an idea (or just need inspiration), search online. Someone else probably had the same problem and if you're lucky, blogged about it with some useful tips (like me haha!). ;p

So YES, you can make your own dessert table without hiring a stylist! Just grab some paper, scissors and tape and get started! ;p


  1. Idol! Peg talaga kita for mommy of the year! So crafty! Ako pin lang ng pin sa pinterest pero in real life fail! Hahaha!

    1. Kaya mo yan sis! Ako rin naman pin ng pin, kahit un mga home improvement projects na parang ang hirap! Need lang talaga ng time and patience ;p

  2. belated happy bday, miley!

    helene, im looking for a circle cutter too. if you find one, let me know ha

  3. great job, Helene! pretty HK party :)

  4. hi! would you mind if i ask where did you buy the hello kitty goodies? thanks!

    1. Hi Joy! They're available in any local grocery like in SM or Robinsons. Just check in the candies section. :)

  5. Kainggit. Super creative! Ako daming ideas pero ung actual outpout fail :(

    1. Try lang ng try sis, practice makes perfect :)



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