Sunday, February 19, 2012

Miley's Jungle Safari Party: DIY cupcake toppers

I really enjoyed making these toppers for Miley's party which I used for her cupcakes and birthday cake. So easy to do! I got the design from the internet then I just used the following materials:

- cardboard paper
- toothpicks (for the cupcakes)
- popsicle sticks (for the cake)
- masking tape

Each cupcake from Cielin's cost less than P20 but I think they look so much more expensive thanks to the toppers. I want to do the same for Sabre's 1st birthday but we'll be having waaaay more guests so we'll see...

The cake design came up last minute. Thanks to extra toppers, I had the idea to also stick them on the cake to tie everything together!

Even the birthday girl couldn't keep her hands off them! =)


  1. Hi'! Glad that i came across your blog!
    You are good at diy stuff!!! Can you help me with the cupcake toppers? What type of paper should I use? What printer do you use? And how are you able to cut those nice round toppers? Im planning for my son's 1st bday and i would appreciate all the help i can get. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Mommy Mai! I used vellum board which I bought from National Bookstore. Actually, you can just go to the section where they sell the thick paper boards which you can use for printing calling cards or invites. I get the one with 200 gsm thickness and in plain white. For the printer, I just use our regular Canon printer. And I guess I just have a steady hand since I just cut each topper manually, individually. =) Let me know if you have other questions, I'd love to help. Good luck!

    2. Thank you! I am now a fan! You are really good at diy stuff! Just like you with our panganay the party was not so budget conscious, but with bunso we are more conscious of the expenses that's why I'm thinking of diy stuff and your blog is proving to be very helpful! I read that you've tried etsy. Was thinking of buying the nautical pack from birdsparty but my hubby said that i can just use those available for free on line. How was your experience with etsy? Btw, I am now so curious about celiene's cupcake!!!

    3. Etsy has proven very reliable for me, at least from the sellers I've bought from. But yes, by all means, use free stuff if you can find them online. I just used photoshop to edit images/cliparts I found online and then I downloaded free fonts as well. But if you're not so familiar with photoshop or other editing tools, then Etsy would be a good alternative (especially since you can usually work with the sellers for customization based on what you need). =)

  2. Hello! Ask lang po san ka nakabili nung plate na pinaglagyan ng cake? Tnx po!

  3. Hi! Ask lang po san ka nakabili ng plate na pinaglagyan ng cake? Thanks. ��



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