Monday, February 27, 2012

Update: Sabe's 1st birthday party plans

I think I've finally decided on the theme for Sabre's 1st birthday party... SPORTS! I've been juggling with the more obvious choices of either Circus, Safari, or Airplane, but I've had friends who did the same themes and I didn't want to "copy" them hehe. Me and Vins finally decided on sports since it isn't that common compared to the others and it would be easy to buy decors and giveaways that fit the theme.

This is basically my peg for the party. At first, I was leaning on the colors blue and orange but when I saw this pic, I sort of had a change of heart. I was also in Toy Kingdom a few weeks ago and saw these green Happy Birthday Sports banners for sale at just P10 and P25 each! At that price, I had to buy them even if I don't know if I'll use them or not. Plus, me and Vins are both from La Salle so I think its a sign we should really choose green right? ;p


I've already booked the venue, party decorator, host/magician, photographer, and the photobooth. I'm now working on the layout for the invite which will be the basis for all the other decors as well. I'm also looking for cookie and cupcake suppliers that can do the ball designs like in the photo. Anyway, now you know what's keeping  me busy these days! =)

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