Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tagaytay Trip

We went to Tagaytay last week with the kids so that we could all enjoy some quality time and feel the cool breeze. Thankfully, we were blessed with perfect weather, sunny and windy all at the same time. It was chilly which meant the kids could run around outside under the sun and not get sweaty yey! We had lunch first at Antonio's Grill where we had some really good Filipino food. To be honest, I'm not such a fan of Filipino cuisine but this was really yummy! I seriously enjoyed every bite. =)

Sabe wore his new hat the whole time while here's Miley doing her "model" pose while waiting for our food
fried chicken, liempo. bulalo, crispy pata

After, we headed to Taal Vista Hotel for some dessert and so that the kids could play in the garden. I love how the whole place was decked out in Christmas decors, you could definitely feel the festive vibe. And of course, there's that lovely view of the Taal Lake with the volcano in the middle.

Our usual order, Halo-Halo for Mama and Miley and the Volcano Eruption (Taal Vista's signature dessert) for me and hubby. I swear, this is one of the best desserts ever, I wanna go back to Tagaytay just to have this again! The mix of the hot chocolate with the cold vanilla ice cream is just heavenly and sinful all at the same time. ;p

Can I just share, Miley has this habit of removing her socks and shoes whenever she enters our house or a room. I guess she picked it up from me and her dad since we don't allow shoes (especially coming from the outside) inside the bedrooms. Now, she does this all the time, even putting her socks inside her shoes then putting them away (aww so cute!). So it was so funny when the moment we settled into our seat, she immediately proceeds to remove her socks and shoes and then running on the rug! Feeling at home?! ;p She did agree to wear her shoes again after having dessert though (thank goodness!).

Here's Sabe enjoying his fashyown outfit! It was also so funny since he's been constipated these past few days and what do you know, he poops twice while we were at Taal Vista! Sorry TMI haha! ;p

The kids had sooooo much fun playing in the garden. And like I said, the weather was just perfect. I took so many pictures that day since we were all just having a super great time! These are some of my favorite shots of the kids. Priceless!

Here's the kids "sliding" down the grass... Sabe was the one who started it, with his Ate following suit. ;p

And here's the kids picking flowers...

Sabe was having so much fun, he didn't want to be bothered to have a picture taken by the volcano. The moment he broke free, he ran right back to where we were playing! Come back here little rascal! =)

I just feel so blessed to be able to experience and share moments like these with my family. Makes me appreciate the beauty of nature too. Definitely planning more of these little outings soon. =)

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