Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our (funny) Christmas pictures at SM MOA

There's a really nice area in the middle of SM Mall of Asia where you can take nice Christmas photos. There's a huge Christmas tree and inside is a couch where you can sit and have a nice family portrait.

Of course, we just had to take pics! But I'm sure all you parents out there know how DIFFICULT it is to make little children sit still for even a few seconds... So here's the outcome of our photo shoot. Don't say we didn't try. =)

First up was Mamu with the grandkids...

Miley come back!
Ok, Miley's on the couch now. Sabe please sit still...
Hopeless! Poor Mamu trying to hold on to Sabe for dear life! HAHAHA super funny! =)

Ok, now it's my turn. Hopefully I can keep the kids in place just for one picture...

Sabe... please just one smile... then you can go!
Kids utang na loob...
Ayayay! Now mommy's getting mad na!

Hubby was buying something kasi earlier, so when he arrived, at least mas may chance to hold both kids down!

Ok, since they don't want to sit still, WACKY photo na lang!

But praise the Lord! We did manage to get a GOOD shot! Alleluia! =)

Haaay, can I just say I was so tired after this! Hahaha! Effort talaga to get decent family photos! But the bad ones are just as precious as the good ones since they're all memories you can treasure forever. =)

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  1. Naku noh ganyan na ganyan din kami. To think I only have 1 kid pa lang ha. It's so hard to take a decent family pic. =(



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