Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sunday lunch at Dusit Thani Hotel

Last Sunday, while everybody was probably glued to their TVs watching the Pacquiao-Marquez fight, we were at Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati celebrating the birthday of our tito. We had the Sunday Family Crossover Buffet Brunch, which meant we can have our pick in any of the hotel's restaurants, namely Umu (Japanese), Benjarong (Thai), and Tosca (Italian).

We were seated in Umu at the ground floor facing the garden and koi pond. Pros: we were treated to a wonderful view and the kids had so much fun watching the fishes swim around. Cons: we had to travel quite a bit if we wanted to try the Thai & Italian cuisines which were at the Mezzanine floor, either taking the stairs or the elevators with your plates.

To be honest, I never really get to maximize eating at restaurants, especially buffets, when I'm with the kids. It's because I spend half the time running after them, trying to keep them busy, or feeding them. ;p And more so with the arrangement of this buffet. I was able to try some of the Thai food with Sabe and then got some ice cream at Tosca with Miley. But I swear, it was really such a hassle going all the way up to get food and then down again to our seats. Maybe I would have enjoyed this more (and tried more of the food) as a date thing with hubby. =)

Nonetheless, it was still a wonderful way to spend our Sunday. We just found out midway through our lunch that Pacquiao had lost haha! Anyway, here are some pics from our lunch. =)

Umu buffet
Garden & koi pond. Those are fake ducks by the way (I thought they were real at first!)
hi fishies!
Miley eating some strawberry ice cream; Sabe enjoying the garden
knocked-out like Pacquiao! ;p

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  1. i didn't know Dusit Thani in Manila had this garden. we were billeted there last July but because we had 2 kids to look after (with no yaya), we never got the chance to roam around and explore the hotel. the buffet breakfast was a challenge running after a 2-year old.



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