Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Early Christmas presents

My in-laws finally came home from their US vacation a few weeks ago. And while we, especially the kids, missed them so much, this also meant one thing... PASALUBONG for everyone! ;p

I felt like a giddy kid waking up on Christmas morning all set to open Christmas presents. But this time, I was eagerly awaiting the opening of the balikbayan boxes haha! Although I already knew the stuff I was going to get since I had already searched for these online and even ordered some of it myself. ;p

First up were these fabric cube bins from Target. They come in many colors but I just got the beige ones to blend in with our white shelf (which I got from S&R). They're just perfect for holding stray toys and books in the kids' room.

from Target
now it looks more organized!
stuffed toys in one of the drawers
plus a bonus OWL drawer too, which the kids love wearing on their head!

My daughter Miley is super addicted to Bubble Guppies so I really searched online if they had any toys available in the States. I found these at and I'm so happy they were able to buy all 3 characters! My mother-in-law emailed a picture of the toys when they got it and Miley was so excited already. I even asked her the day before her Mama and Lolo came home: "Miley, are you excited? Mama will be here tomorrow!" And you know what she said: "Then I'll have my Bubble Guppies!" (talagang un ang priority? haha!)


And finally, what I was most excited about! If you read my post about my favorite online shop, you know how crazy I am over Urban Outfitters' home stuff! I regularly browse their Apartment Section, especially the SALE items, and these were the things I ended up getting:

from Urban Outfitters
from Urban Outfitters

I wanted to get more bedding stuff but I decided to wait and check the quality first. But it's REALLY GOOD! I totally love the prints and the colors are so vibrant in real life. I am definitely buying more in the future when I have relatives going to the States again so they can bring it home for me.

I also bought this cardboard deer head for Sabe's room. Can't wait to assemble and put it up!

from Urban Outfitters

We also had other pasalubongs like clothes, shoes, and of course sooooo much stuff for the kids! It definitely felt like Christmas in our house! I was telling hubby maybe the kids shouldn't get all the toys at once since they'll be so overwhelmed. But of course, their grandparents were so excited to pamper the little ones after being away for so long. As for me, I'm super happy with my new goodies. Oh, and the best part? That "amoy PX" smell! I could spend all day sniffing our new stuff, feeling ko galing na din akong States hahaha! ;p

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