Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting crafty with Christmas wrapping

Our dining table has now been transformed to my official gift wrapping station. I try to get a little bit done everyday so I don't end up cramming when Christmas is finally here. ;p

I really love wrapping presents. I'm a believer that the way a gift is wrapped affects how you see the gift. But as much as I want to go all out and be like Martha Stewart, I simply don't have enough time with 2 kids running around all day. But I try my best so here's a few tips and ideas on being resourceful and creative when wrapping presents. =)

First of all, I think I'm a hoarder. Or I just like keeping things for future use someday. One thing I never throw out are those ribbons from gifts we receive. Sayang naman right? =)

But one thing I hate are those unsightly creases when you untie the ribbon. If you use it again to wrap another gift, it's so obvious that its been used before. So what do I do?

I iron it! I actually just use my flat iron and it works just fine. Just run the iron a few times over the creases, just like you would over your hair, and the ribbons are as good as new! ;p

Another thing I like using aside from normal gift wrappers is manila paper. Not only is it cheaper, but you can also get more creative! Last year, I drew stuff and wrote the recipients name right on the paper, so no need for tags anymore. You can also use magazine pages or even newspaper to wrap your gifts. Nothing beats recycling right? =)

While browsing through the November issue of Southern Living, I came across this great DIY article on Christmas wrapping by Marielle Nadal and Nikki Abelardo of Craft MNL and decided to give it a try.

Here's my "snowflakes" from magazine pages...

What do you think? Not bad for my first try right! Anyway, can't wait to finally finish wrapping all the gifts and then give them out. Christmas is so near already! =)

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  1. parehas tayo! i also hoard and keep ribbons from gifts that we received. whenever i go home, i buy a lot from Divi and bring them here to Dubai. they're expensive here eh, especially the grograin ones.



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