Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Katsu Sora Japanese Restaurant

One of our new favorite restaurants in SM BF is Katsu Sora which opened just a few months ago.

What caught our eye when we first ate here was their Salad, Soup and Rice Buffet. All sets come with unlimited refills of salad, soup and rice from the buffet bar (except kids set). Appetizer pa lang, busog na! ;p

This is the buffet bar:

steamed broccoli, potato salad with egg
veggies like mixed lettuce, white onions, cucumber
fresh fruits
unlimited rice and miso soup

You can also add toppings to the rice like black and white sesame seeds, sake, tarako or tamago.

rice toppings

Different salad dressings like Grated Onion, French dressing, Soy Sesame dressing, Wasabi dressing, Creamy Wasabi dressing, Mentaiko dressing, Thousand Island dressing, Japanese Creamy dressing, Chinese dressing and Lemon dressing.

salad dressing
more sauces at the table

Here are their different types of pork. The Iberico Pork is the most expensive with sets at around P650, the Kurobuta Pork sets are about P550, the Shimofuri Pork sets are around P450, and the Sakura Pork sets are about P350.

Of course we had to order Katsudon, and we decided to get the Iberico Pork Set (120g) which came with Japanese rice, salad, soup and hot tea. The meat was indeed super soft and tender and very delicious!

Iberico Katsudon Set
love how there's a flame under the bowl so the dish is really hot!

We also got the Tonkatsu Curry in Kurobuta Pork (120g) served with a mild curry sauce, stewed vegetables and rice.

Kurobuta Tonkatsu Curry Set

We also orderd the classic Tonkatsu in Sakura Pork (120g) which came with Japanese rice, salad, soup and hot tea.

Sakura Pork Tonkatsu Set

Everything was so good and the price is very affordable considering the salad, soup and rice buffet. The Iberico and Kurobuta Pork were really so tender, but I have to say the Sakura Pork wasn't bad at all too! Definitely a must try for all katsu lovers out there. :)

SM City BF Paranaque Branch


  1. this made me HUNGRY big time!

  2. Wow the place looks great and the salad bar looks really clean. I would to try that place out someday. Happy New Year!



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