Monday, December 1, 2014

Party planning time again!

I am super busy these days because my baby Skyler is turning 1 in January! I can't believe it actually... I still remember this time last year, I was super pregnant and just counting down the weeks until I was about to give birth. And now Skyler's crawling and almost walking and talking! Time really flies by so fast. And speaking of flying, here's a teaser of what the theme for his party will be:

Well, I think it's already pretty obvious hehe! His name is Skyler after all! We were actually thinking at first if we should just have a small party for him, like just our immediate family. But then, you only have a 1st birthday once right? And his Ate and Kuya both had big parties so hubby and I figured he should have one too. Just because he's our 3rd child doesn't mean he shouldn't have the same as his siblings right? And you know me, I just love celebrations and doing DIY stuff. Kaya go na!

Anyway, I just can't wait for all the details to come together. I have most of the suppliers already and am still finalizing a couple more. It will surely be a busy Christmas season for me. :)



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