Monday, December 15, 2014

Zabo Chicken

My family and friends know how much I love chicken, and it's usually what I order when eating out. They always joke that I'm such a boring eater since I'm perfectly happy with a plain chicken dish even though there's so many other items to choose from. Plus, I can't live without rice and I could probably eat the whole kaldero if I wanted to (yes, kain karpintero talaga!).

That's why it's no surprise that I'm a fan of Zabo Chicken since aside from their roast chicken, they also have an UNLIMITED rice buffet!

Their menu is very affordable and the food is very Mediterranean inspired.

We started with the Hummus served with pita bread (P70) which was a good appetizer.

We ordered the Half Roast Chicken with rice (P240) which they boast as having 18 different spices like rosemary, thyme, and garlic. We also had to ask for more of the white garlic sauce which goes perfectly with the chicken.

This is the Quarter Roast Chicken with rice (P165) just so you see the size difference.

Of course, the thing I was most excited to try was their Unlimited Rice Buffet (P29). I believe the choices were Zabo Chicken Rice, Zabo Spicy Chicken Rice, Carrot Rice, Brown Rice, Garlic Rice, and Plain White Rice. My favorite has got to be the carrot rice and I was able to finish 3 cups! The Zabo Chicken Rice was also good which is what they serve with the chicken sets. The Spicy Chicken Rice was a little too spicy for my taste though.

We also ordered the Zabo Chicken Wrap (P145) which was good as well.

And you can also take your pick with their different sauces like Chili Oil, Sweet Chili, Sweet Sauce, Gravy, Tarator (sesame-based) and the Garlic Paste which we loved.

I think this is a great alternative to eating in all those other fast foods. Plus, you really can't go wrong with their unli rice right? ;p

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