Sunday, December 21, 2014

IKEA in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

When we went to Hong Kong last month, I knew I just wanted to go shopping in one place only. I wasn't interested in going to the night markets or the fashion outlets, just IKEA. Yes, I was on a mission lol. ;p I've been lusting over so many of their products for the longest time and was so excited to finally be able to visit an actual store! The last time I was able to go to an IKEA was in Singapore 4 years ago.

Our main itinerary was really Disneyland, but we had a free day to do whatever. So I did my research and found out they had 3 branches in HK - Causeway Bay, Kowloon Bay, and Shatin. We decided to just go to the one in Causeway Bay since we really haven't been around that part of the city yet during previous visits. So at least we could still explore after with the kids.

We took the MRT to Causeway Bay and we were supposed to go out at exit E which was the closest one based on the map. But we ended up in a different exit (probably because we were looking for the nearest elevator since we had 2 strollers) and I had to ask somewhere for directions. Good thing we were still pretty close, and we finally reached the place after walking for a few more minutes.

The IKEA I went to in Singapore was huge and it was like a warehouse type building. Here, we had to go down an escalator since the store was in the basement. So it was definitely smaller, but still complete.

I love how the store is laid out into different sections as you walk through (living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc.) which makes looking for things more organized. I totally love the set-ups of the different areas, especially the bedrooms, which gives you a lot of inspiration when setting up your own space. It makes you want to buy everything and redo your whole house, ang gaganda! ;p

The kiddie bedrooms were so cute too. Miley was like, "Mom can this be my room?" There were so much I wanted to buy (like that leaf canopy below) but we had limited space in our luggage so I had to prioritize.

Of course, the kids were getting so bored already after a while (including daddy), but they got excited again when we reached the toys. And thank goodness for this little play area that kept them occupied for a bit while I looked around. ;p

I thought we had reached the end of the store, but then there was another level going down and that's were all the accessories and decorations were pala! I was drooling over all the trays, plates, bowls, picture frames, artworks, and many more. Haaay, pwede ba iuwi lahat? The 2nd basement was also where you pick up the items you liked from the upper level (like beddings or furniture).

paper napkins

We were so hungry after since it was already lunchtime. I was excited to eat in their restaurant but I got disappointed when they only had a small cafe without even any tables or chairs. Basically, you just buy your food and eat standing up. Good thing we were still able to eat their famous meatballs which were so yummy!

Oh how I wish I could buy everything I wanted and bring them home! Can they just please open an IKEA store here in the Philippines already? Anyway, stay tuned for my shopping loot in the next post! :)


  1. Hi Helene, from what I remember, Ikea has small and big cafeterias. Yung small cafeteria, usually malapit sa checkout counters/cashiers, mga pika pika lang binebenta kaya kokonti ang tables and walang chairs. Yung full menu nila nasa big cafeteria where kumpleto ang amenities.

    1. Actually, I was able to eat na in their big cafeteria in Singapore. Kaya I was excited to do so here in HK, pero small cafeteria lang talaga siya in Causeway Bay. Maybe because smaller Ikea store din siya? :)

  2. Hi Helene,

    You might want to consider sending a big balikbayan box home next time you have a lot to buy. We did this before and it was around 2k and arrived in less than 2 weeks. Super laki na ng box.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Will definitely try that next time :)

  3. Hi Helene,

    I really admire your creativity and eye for nice things. By the way, I work for IKEA Dubai. As far as I know, all IKEA stores should have both customer restaurant and exit café. Baka na-miss mo lang or maliit lang talaga yung store nila sa HK? Anyway, thanks for supporting our brand! :) Sayang nga lang wala pa tayong branch dyan sa Pinas.

    1. Hi Mauh! Thank you! Pero I think small talaga un branch na to hehe. Wow, sarap naman ng work mo! Anyway, sana nga mag open na ng Ikea here sa Pinas ;p



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