Thursday, November 22, 2012

Back in Boracay

After 3 years, hubby and I finally got the chance to take a trip back to Boracay for our friend's wedding last weekend. The last time we were here was right after our wedding in 2009. Boracay was also where Vins proposed to me in 2008, which I promise to tell you guys about sometime since it was very grand and romantic (promise!).

I've been to Boracay many times before for work, and it would usually fall around Holy Week when we would have events. This was the first time we went in November and I have to say, it is really one of the best times to go here. The weather was absolutely perfect (it just drizzled a little bit sometimes and then sunny all the way), there was just the right amount of people, and the water was crystal clear (no lumot!).

In the past, we always stayed in Station 2 near D'Mall so that we're in the center and near all the restaurants and bars. This time, we stayed in Sur Resort in Station 1. We loved that it was so chill and relaxing in that part of the beach. It was also nicer to go swimming since there weren't that much people and you felt you had the whole beach to yourself. The only problem was that it was at the far end of the beach (near Discovery Shores) so we had to walk quite a bit if we wanted to grab a shake at Jonah's or have lunch/dinner at one of the many restos in Station 2 (well, you can always take a trike if you don't feel like walking).

They also had happy hour at our resort from 3pm to 8pm which meant buy 1 take 1 on most drinks. The resort next to ours, White House, had happy hour from 7am to 7pm! No wonder people were there the whole day! The only thing I kept ordering were mojitos, which is now my official favorite drink. Yummy! =)

This was also the first time we went with our college barkada so it was super nice to bond and just spend time together. We had the best time just swimming and talking and laughing so much! We all kept joking that we were getting so old since we were all so sleepy by 10pm already haha! Before, we could all stay up till the wee hours of the morning just partying and drinking. Now, when one of our friends texted us to go to Epic in Station 2 at around 9pm, we all just said "nah!" since we were all tamad to walk and just wanted to chill! Talk about corny hahaha!

The wedding we went to was held in Shangri-La Boracay so we had a chance to go there the day before since we had rehearsals for this flash mob dance number we were going to do (I'll tell you all about it in my next post when I write about the wedding). While waiting, we went to the beach and swam a little, although the sand in Shangri-La wasn't as powdery soft as in the main Boracay beach.

Ok, I have to include a bikini pic below because I'm so happy my diet paid off haha! But I've also been taking Carbtrim the past 2 months so I think it also helped. I just hope I can continue with my diet (ang hirap!) and not start binge eating just because Boracay is over. Although to be honest, I was always super stomach in whenever we'd take pics, but at least I felt sexy and confident in my bikini hehe! ;p

Here's some more pics from our trip...

Just writing about this is making me miss Boracay already. I promise that the next time we go here wouldn't be in another 3 years and of course, with the kids this time. =)


  1. miss helene share mo nmn anong diet ginawa mo.


    1. Naku rons, "starvation" diet haha! I lessened lang talaga what I ate especially at dinner and I also drank Carbtrim. ;p

    2. ok ba ang carbtrim? hindi naman b kukulo ang tyan mo baka abutan ka ng CR emergency sa kung saan. he!he!




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