Tuesday, August 4, 2015

DIY Triangle Accent Wall

After I painted my kids' room blue, I knew I wanted to do something with the main wall behind their bed. It previously had an owl mural so the plain blue was just looking well a little... plain. ;p

I first saw this image on Pinterest and I really loved the simplicity yet visual impact the triangles made.

my inspiration

I knew I didn't want to paint the triangles individually since that would take too much time. So I thought why not cut it out of sticker paper? It would be so much cheaper and easier, plus I could take it off anytime I wanted without any damage to the walls! This is the sticker paper I bought from National Bookstore. I made sure to get the MATTE finish since I didn't want the triangles to be shiny.

I made each triangle to be 3" high and 3" wide. I was able to cut 14 triangles from each sticker paper sheet.

I then measured my entire wall and based from that, I was able to estimate that the triangles should be 10" apart. But the spacing could be completely up to you, and also if you want the triangles to be smaller or bigger depending on the size of your wall.

Oh, and this stencil level (from Cutting Edge Stencils) super helped me a lot to make sure my triangles were straight. If you're not familiar with this tool, you'll know if your line is straight when the bubble inside is centered between the lines. My sister-in-law sent this from the States and I just taped it to my ruler. Super helpful!!!

I just started from the top going down...

Then it was a breeze from there. I swear, this project is super easy to do! I think it just took me about 3 hours overall. :)

Btw, I didn't put stickers anymore on the back of the bed since it won't be seen naman. Sayang lang effort diba? hehe ;p

What do you think? I super love how it turned out! Easy, cheap, and beautiful - this is probably one of my favorite DIY projects ever!


  1. I super like your kids' room. It's so dainty. I wish I had an artistic gene. Haha.

  2. Ang galing! And the owl pillow is so cute!



  3. yay!! super cute and it looks amazing!! cute pa ng bed at pillows!



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